Come & knock on our Door

” Three’s Company  “ With the intense heat so early on the hot wide pavement of Vinoy Park…  I was Bar B Q-ing this beatdown : Lancelot PAX:  6:58, Birdhole & Smudge arrived, as I was Staking the Flags 5 Core Principals… “Thy shall not steal, oh wait…wrong day Free to ALL Men  : or …

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Comfort Zone

Weather: 78 & Humid pretty much standard Florida summer morning Pax: Big Mac, Bing, Messi, Defib, Bubbles, LG, Spark Plug, Sparky, Dash, Bolt, Woodford, Spackler, Lambeau, Chillipepper, Trump, BP20, Red Card, Bullseye, Cottontail, Steel, Cavalino, Lobstah, Wolverine, Olympus, Manziel, Pincher, Stagecoach, Capt. Ron, Sir Wallace, Tug Boat, Wingman, Aquaman. FNG: Pyro – Welcome Adam! Started …

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The theme of the day is Cinemax?

Q- Goob Pax- Big Mac, Bing, Capt Ron, ChiliPepper, Goob, Manziel, Olaf, Sir Wallace, Stagecoach Weather- nice and humid, 92% so the sweat would fall In the pitch black of this fine gloom at Advenutre Park, we identified a foreign voice to uncover a guest amongst us- welcome Olaf (and his fun name story) to …

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Board of Happiness

QIC JimmyDean Conditions: 80 degrees and 84% humidity. (Great for dry skin I guess) Mozi: We stared w the core principles and took off around the bridges jogging and doing the following…. butt kickers, high knees, kerioke and nur! Warm up: SSH, Strawberry Pickers, Imperial Walkers, MP, arm circles and bad back stretches. The Thang: We gathered …

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Launch Pre-Blast

The shovel flag will be planted in Athens on August 29th, 2020! Stay tuned for more information.

Leave no man behind…. and participate in the suckfest together

QIC- Goob Pax- 16 braved the gloom, including 2 FNG’s.  Bing, Sir Wallace, Brutus, Cottontail, Pincher, Denali, Mugsy, Posh, Olympus, Trump, Lancelot, Snail, Ozark, Stagecoach, Wolverine Weather- insidious humidity that caused all threads to be saturated within 8 minutes of 5:15 kickoff Goob rolled into the parking lot fashionably early (don’t expect that to happen …

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Make A’Merkin Great Again!

weather: muggy 87degrees with no breeze, beautiful day to shed some excess water! pia: 21 qic: Rowdy 515am: greeting, 5 core principals and disclaimer. 517am: mozy and dynamic warmup (ssh (20,ik), arm circles (10 each direction), michael phelps (10), strawberry pickers (10,ik), merkins (10,ik), mt. climbers (10,ik)) 525am: D.O.R.A: 300incline merkins, 200merkins, 100decline merkins. run …

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