Make A’Merkin Great Again!

weather: muggy 87degrees with no breeze, beautiful day to shed some excess water!

pia: 21

qic: Rowdy

515am: greeting, 5 core principals and disclaimer.

517am: mozy and dynamic warmup (ssh (20,ik), arm circles (10 each direction), michael phelps (10), strawberry pickers (10,ik), merkins (10,ik), mt. climbers (10,ik))

525am: D.O.R.A: 300incline merkins, 200merkins, 100decline merkins. run options: jailbreak, around the tower base or floating 1/4mile.

555am: core circle (20 big boy sit ups (ik), 25 flutter kicks (ik), big boy sit ups till 6am!

6am: C.O.T: announcements- newsletter is out (Lancelot did a great job) and there’s a lot of info within. GrowRuck Midwest is open (talk to Lancelot). The new F3Suncoast AO, FNG, Post challenge is starting in July (talk to capt. Ron). Just read the newsletter please!

Praises: Lukas is recovering from a successful surgery yesterday! He has had a heck of a year so far but God made him a fighter! keep Lukas, I Spy and fam in prayer and praise!

prayer requests: Stagecoach has a friend who is having some health problems that is preventing him from being able to do his chemo. StageCoaches dad has been diagnosed covid. Lukas healing and recovery. 1st responders and soldiers everywhere with extra lift for our big 3 Sniper, Zeus and Hercules.

Gentlemen, 1/2 the year is gone. Our nation and local communities are bleeding. How will you make a positive impact?

F3Suncoast. Respect. Rowdy out.