Leave no man behind…. and participate in the suckfest together

QIC- Goob

Pax- 16 braved the gloom, including 2 FNG’s.  Bing, Sir Wallace, Brutus, Cottontail, Pincher, Denali, Mugsy, Posh, Olympus, Trump, Lancelot, Snail, Ozark, Stagecoach, Wolverine

Weather- insidious humidity that caused all threads to be saturated within 8 minutes of 5:15 kickoff

Goob rolled into the parking lot fashionably early (don’t expect that to happen again) and was greeted by Lancelot already chatting it up with Goob’s FNG and Stagecoach.  As 5:15 approached, the PAX had arrived and the chatter was strong as they were unaware of the suckfest that was in store.  At 5:15 sharp, Goob welcomed the 2 FNG’s and provided the 5 core principles.  After The disclaimer’s were made, we took off for a two lap mosey which included high knees, buttkickers, NUR, and side shuffles.

Ready to get the real party started, we circled up and did 10 SSH, 10 strawberry pickers, and 10 windmills in cadence.  After the SSH stopped at 10, Bing commented on the low number.  After the windmills were finished at 10 and the leg stretching started, the PAX grumbled about a significant amount of running potentially on the horizon.  Goob smirked and continued with arm circles forward and back, Michael Phelps, and agitators to a 10 count OYO.  With the PAX thoroughly warmed up, we moved to the bike rack at the far end of the parking lot.  The premise of the workout?  No man left behind, no man left where you found them.  People feel lonely, isolated and have a lack of motivation, especially now during these  weird times.  We should stay and complete the exercises as a team BUT everyone must complete the full 25 repetitions.

At the bike rack, we did 25 of the prescribed exercise, ran to the opposite end of the parking lot at your desired pace, and then did 25 of another prescribed exercise.  Repeat 4 times.  From there we moved to the tennis courts and performed a traditional suicide to really intensify the heart rate.  At the completion of the suicide, we repeated the original format.  The exercises were as follows:


25 tricep dips, run, 25 merkins, run 25 lat pull through, run, 25 CDD’s, run (at this point the PAX were angry they forgot what triceps and lats were), 25 knee ups, run, 25 salsa dips, run, 25 scissor kicks, run, 25 peter Parker’s.


25 tricep dips, run, 25 HR merkins, run, 25 lat pull through, run, 25 shoulder taps, run, 25 knee ups, run, and 25 calf raises.

Oh yea, we finished with 25 burpees.

It sucked.  People threw up, humidity, we were sweat drenched, and maybe most impressively, devoid of chatter.  As we circled up, we explained the name-o-Rama and welcomed 2 FNG’s:  Snail and Ozark.  We can argue the lameness of the names but I think everyone was too exhausted to express any creativity at all.


  • 3 GrowRuck (discount now with code PICKLEJUMPER)
  • July Challenge to visit the most AO’s
  • 2nd F was tonight at Rusty Bucket
  • Lancelot sent another fantastic newsletter, read it
  • July 26th- Lutz Q with Bing at the helm
  • 2nd wave possible so continue to be smart and responsible in social situations
  • Trail run was awesome, but muddy, so Brutus is working on an alternative for July
  • Ragnar cancelled but something just as dumb is being planned locally


  • Lukas surgery went well
  • The ability to get up, work out, and enjoy fellowship


  • First Responders
  • National, regional, and local leaders to seek God’s guidance and make prudent decisions
  • Nation as a whole


As always men, it was a true pleasure to lead this morning.  Thanks for indulging me and I look forward to seeing you all in the gloom again.

~Goob with the mic drop