F3 Foundation’s Invigor8 LIVE

F3 Foundation’s Invigor8 LIVE virtual grant-making event will feature eight (8) finalists, selected from F3 Regions throughout the country, competing in a “March Madness” bracket playoff format. Regions will give a LIVE pitch describing their charitable project, how it’s changing lives in their community, and why they should receive the virtual audience’s vote. The winning …

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Bring the Q2U!

Don’t forget tomorrow @TheRower we are taking the Q to those FNGs.. 01/07/2023 – Waterlefe 1022 Fish Hook Cove, Bradenton FL (Gold Watch) (enter via 10625 Waterlefe Blvd Gard House)


Sign up!  Only 2 registered for the F3 Suncoast?  I know we are better than that.  https://forms.gle/RrSQKL6tRe2L9BWk8

Gobbler Challenge – University Corner @ 5:15 on 11/25/2021

Gobbler Challenge CSAUP event Thursday Nov 25th 5:15 University Corner.  We will raid the Dunkin post beatdown. Bring canned foods to go to local area food pantries.  For every item donated I and Stagecoach will do a burpee (I’m inviting the SLT to do so also).  Lets make an impact men!  Earn that stuffing! 

Top To Bottom Four Corners with The Beastie Boys Essentials

QIC- Crabcakes Weather- 76 and not too humid Pax- Sully, Lobstah, Trump, Lancelot, Chilipepper, Goob, Ripken, Pudge,, Posh, Crabcakes, StageCoach 0515- Crabcakes reviewed the five core principles and advised the PAX to grab their waters because we weren’t coming back to this area.  The workout started with a mozy around the parking lot down the …

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Solo Ladder

Weather Hot and Humid (Just like every other day in Florida during the summer) QIC – Mr Clean Pax in Attendance:  Mr Clean Mosy – None – Just started The THANG – I borrowed Sniper’s ladder exercise but if I have known it was going to be just me I would have been a lot nicer …

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Fart sack Friday?! With a spritzer

Conditions …. if u woke up to your alarm and looked at the radar around 4:30 am you saw large green blue blob of rain heading straight for the tower….. so, u turned off your alarm and went back to the FS. 74 degrees 78% humidity slight breeze and a SPRITZER or rain.  Best beatdown conditions …

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AP Power Hour

Weather: 76ish Pax: Big Mac, Bing, Pincher, Manziel, Crabcakes, Fish Sticks, Defib, Tex, Lightning McQueen, Red Card, Yellow Card, Samurai, BP20, 8 Ball, Sterling, Ferrari, Cavalino, Lobstah, Spackler, Drake, Olympus, Trump, Spartan, Lancelot, Goliath, Barron, LG, Aquaman. FNG: Welcome – Sherwin Williams, Nutley, Moptop Mozy kicked off down to dog park with a quick warmup …

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