Gobbler Challenge – University Corner @ 5:15 on 11/25/2021

Gobbler Challenge CSAUP event Thursday Nov 25th 5:15 University Corner.  We will raid the Dunkin post beatdown. Bring canned foods to go to local area food pantries.  For every item donated I and Stagecoach will do a burpee (I’m inviting the SLT to do so also).  Lets make an impact men!  Earn that stuffing! 

Top To Bottom Four Corners with The Beastie Boys Essentials

QIC- Crabcakes Weather- 76 and not too humid Pax- Sully, Lobstah, Trump, Lancelot, Chilipepper, Goob, Ripken, Pudge,, Posh, Crabcakes, StageCoach 0515- Crabcakes reviewed the five core principles and advised the PAX to grab their waters because we weren’t coming back to this area.  The workout started with a mozy around the parking lot down the …

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Solo Ladder

Weather Hot and Humid (Just like every other day in Florida during the summer) QIC – Mr Clean Pax in Attendance:  Mr Clean Mosy – None – Just started The THANG – I borrowed Sniper’s ladder exercise but if I have known it was going to be just me I would have been a lot nicer …

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Fart sack Friday?! With a spritzer

Conditions …. if u woke up to your alarm and looked at the radar around 4:30 am you saw large green blue blob of rain heading straight for the tower….. so, u turned off your alarm and went back to the FS. 74 degrees 78% humidity slight breeze and a SPRITZER or rain.  Best beatdown conditions …

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AP Power Hour

Weather: 76ish Pax: Big Mac, Bing, Pincher, Manziel, Crabcakes, Fish Sticks, Defib, Tex, Lightning McQueen, Red Card, Yellow Card, Samurai, BP20, 8 Ball, Sterling, Ferrari, Cavalino, Lobstah, Spackler, Drake, Olympus, Trump, Spartan, Lancelot, Goliath, Barron, LG, Aquaman. FNG: Welcome – Sherwin Williams, Nutley, Moptop Mozy kicked off down to dog park with a quick warmup …

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Comfort Zone

Weather: 78 & Humid pretty much standard Florida summer morning Pax: Big Mac, Bing, Messi, Defib, Bubbles, LG, Spark Plug, Sparky, Dash, Bolt, Woodford, Spackler, Lambeau, Chillipepper, Trump, BP20, Red Card, Bullseye, Cottontail, Steel, Cavalino, Lobstah, Wolverine, Olympus, Manziel, Pincher, Stagecoach, Capt. Ron, Sir Wallace, Tug Boat, Wingman, Aquaman. FNG: Pyro – Welcome Adam! Started …

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Launch Pre-Blast

The shovel flag will be planted in Athens on August 29th, 2020! Stay tuned for more information.

The Lancelot, the sequel.

Q: Chilipepper 10 PAX in attendance: Snapshot, Captain Ron, Train, Chum, Steel, Papa Smurf, Sir Wallace, Lancelot, Stagecoach, Chilipepper. Welcome to FNG Chum!     5 Core Principles – emphasis on I’m not an expert.. maybe a little crazy.. Free Open to all Men Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold Peer led End …

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Bumps in the road!

Bumps in the road, sometimes they are larger than they appear, sometimes they are smaller. Only way to find out how big that challenge is, is to address it. Just in life, we face  obstacles daily, the outcome is typically better when we address head on. Have that tough conversation, don’t go around the bump. …

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What’s the 411?

Date: 04/11/20 AO: Virtual Virtual QIC: Recall Weather Forecast: (7AM) 65-degrees, 74% humidity, 3% chance of rain Our Core Principles F3 is free of charge F3 is open to all men F3 is held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold F3 is led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, …

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F3 Suncoast