The theme of the day is Cinemax?

Q- Goob

Pax- Big Mac, Bing, Capt Ron, ChiliPepper, Goob, Manziel, Olaf, Sir Wallace, Stagecoach

Weather- nice and humid, 92% so the sweat would fall

In the pitch black of this fine gloom at Advenutre Park, we identified a foreign voice to uncover a guest amongst us- welcome Olaf (and his fun name story) to Suncoast.  The 5 core principles were discussed and the mozie began.  The mozie included two laps around the parking lot and included high knees, buttkickers, NUR, as well as carioca both directions.  As sweat began to sufficiently fall, we circled up for the warm up. The warm up entailed a solid amount of chatter (that is important for later) as well as the following-

  • 15 SSH (IC)
  • 10 Strawberry Pickers (IC)
  • Leg stretching
  • 10 agitators
  • 10 arm circles forward/10 arm circles backwards
  • 10 Michael Phelps

Through the light chatter, Goob moved everyone under the pavillion.  We have picnic tables at our disposal, why not use them?  Goob explained the basis of the workout, 4 exercises performed 25 times each, followed by a lap around the parking lot.  The winner’s gift was a plank until the six was in.  There were 5 total rounds of exercises meaning that 500 repititions would be performed along with 5 laps around the parking lot.  Oh yea, there was a planned Indian run to the bridge and back mixed in as a surprise to the Pax- you’re welcome.

Round 1- Decline merkins, tricep dips, step ups or double legged jump ups (for those feeling froggy), Big Boy Situps

Round 2- Incline merkins, tricep dips, lunge on bench (remember this), LBC’s

Round 3- HR merkins, lat pulls (remember again), salsa dips (explanation was due to Olaf), mountain climbers

Round 4 Plyo merkins, CDD’s, step ups/jump ups, plank jacks

Indian Run- man at the back did a burpee (also noteworthy)

Round 5- Diamond merkins, tricep dips, calf raises, Freddy Mercury’s


As previously mentioned, the chatter was strong during the warm up and even as we moved to the pavillion.  During round 1 whilst performing the big boy situps, Goob noticed the only sound being made was that of crickets.  And just like that, the chatter was dead.  Goob said as much and shortly thereafter paid for his mistake.  During the explanation of round 2 and during the demonstration of “lunge on bench”, someone synonymous with the name money suggested that Goob had been inspired from watching too much Cinemax at night. (reference 1)  During round 3, when utilizing a pole or picnic table to perform lat pull-throughs, someone started grunting and another suggested the vision of a silhouette of a man on a pole, again referencing Cinemax after dark.  (reference 2)  During the Indian run, a Pax member noted the muffled noises of old men trying to get off the ground post burpee reminded them of a Cinemax movie.  At this point, the comment was made, “Cinemax is the theme of the day, apparently.”

After fun was had by all, clothing was saturated with sweat, and the 3 minute circle of Mary was complete, it was time to conclude the beat down.


  1. July 4th Convergence at Siesta key
  2. Please bring 1 case of water with you to a beat down this week and give to either Lancelot and/or Ripken as we collect for Bring on the Ministry (8-ball’s organization)
  3. Starting July 4th, the AO team contest.
  4. Thee different Grow Rucks next year.
  5. Ten year anniversary convergence in Wilmington, NC in January 2021.
  6. Anything else that’s on previous backblasts and/or newsletters.


  • the ability to wake up, be healthy, get out into the gloom, and work out our minds and bodies with our brothers


  • Covid-19 battle and all the first responoders, doctors, nurses, etc involved in this fight
  • Racial tensions around the country and the police officers safety
  • Cancer- Sara, Lori, Chris, Ben, Cash (from the Fort), and Elijah
  • Olaf’s stepfather battling addiction
  • all unspoken and/or forgotten
  • traveling Pax

Men, as always, it was a true honor.  Until next time, Goob is dropping the mic.