More Pax and a new route

Weather: 77 degrees and 99%+ Humidity – but at 20 mph, there is sorta a breeze Pax: Bing, Yamaha, Pincher, Messi, Sniper, Ripken, Cotton Tail, Brutus COT: As with most rides, we start with COT. Announcements were limited. Prayers/Praises: Safe travels for Ripken Prayers for Zipp’s recovery First Responders and military Our country Safety on …

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BULLSEYE Date: 07/27/19 Weather: 75-degrees, sunny and humid QIC: Recall PAX: Sterling, ShamWow, Trump, LG, Barron, McNugget, Cottontail, Raid, Ryno (FNG), Aquaman, Toe Jam, Geek Squad, Deep Fried (FNG), Wet Wipe (FNG), Big Mac, Braveheart (FNG), Wahlburger, Daisy, Crab Cakes, Scrum, Bing, Recall A strong 22 posted for this Saturday’s beat down.  YHC kicked off …

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QSource | Q2.3 Missionality

QSource | Q2.3 Missionality Weather | 86° F | Humidity 70% | Wind: 9mph SW This week’s assignment was: Q2.3: Missionality. This was the first week we started to review QSource after the beatdown. We have now transitioned into our next book study, Fathering Like the Father before the beatdowns. Due to too much fellowship, …

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F3 Suncoast