Come & knock on our Door

” Three’s Company  “

With the intense heat so early on the hot wide pavement of Vinoy Park…  I was Bar B Q-ing this beatdown : Lancelot

PAX:  6:58, Birdhole & Smudge arrived, as I was Staking the Flags

5 Core Principals…

“Thy shall not steal, oh wait…wrong day

  1. Free to ALL Men  : or whatever is on the Drivers License that year

2. Free of Charge

*except this week, when you need the non-obligatory F3 stuff that will be tossed in the backseat to permeate the vehicle at 145° for 8 hours

3. Lead on a Rotation fashion   : or until Mr Clean calls you out on Groupme in front of everyone and what choice do you have then?

4. Held Outdoors, Rain or Shine  

” waking up, seeing lightening through the window, roll over & fartsack, when it was actually the newspaper guy driving by, with 0% chance of rain in the forecast for the past 5 days

5. Ends in COT – Cease Order by Tugboat



SSH – Agitators – Michael Phelps – Arm Circles – Introduced the St Pete guys to Motivators

Mosey: Half Mile


Let’s get thing Rolling...

Jacob Ladder 

Multiples of 20, after each set of 2,   ran down to Hooker’s Pier to find some action & back.  (1/4  mile)

American Hammers, Morroccan NightClubs

Mtn Climbers, Carolina Drydocks

Plank Jacks, Flutters

Overhead Claps, Squats

Heel raisers, Monkey humpers


COT: Circle of Trust

Announcements:  GrowRuck, 10th Anniversary, 4th of July Convergence, Shirt orders for a week

Prayers: Lukas, I Spy , & Family  *  Ben, Goob’s friend    *   Passport,

All Law Enforcement, especially our own, Sniper, Zeus, Hercules, Sir Wallace, and Props

All First responders, Medical Staff, Farmers, and Military


“What makes you different or weird, that’s your strength.” 

It’s been fun and enjoyed the Trifecta of Brotherhood – Lancelot