May 4, 1996.  The day I said “I do.” May 4, 2000. The day you say, “I should’ve fartsacked.” 5 Core Principles, Sue Lancelot. (A boy named Sue – Johnny Cash) Do a Mozy while yodeling. Do a warm up unless you’re Gumby. The Thang.  What I’ve learned to stay married for 24 years. 24 …

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3rd Annual 1776 Patriot Games

Weather: Hot QIC: Bing Pax: Sniper, Sterling, Messy, Kondo (F5), Quaker (F5 FNG), Horsepower (FNG), Smudge, Lancelot, Crab Cakes, McNugget, Big Mac, Mr. Clean, Amazon, Cotton Tail, Jimmy Dean, Canada (F5), Fireball (F5), Flatline, Hercules, 6Pack, DeFib, Toe Jam, Scrum, Gridlock, Deep Dish, Trump, Barron, Backdraft, Hot Pocket, Ringer, Pincher, Click bait (FNG), Recall, Splicer, …

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F3 Suncoast