F3 Suncoast : 3rd Anniversary / July 4th Convergence FREEdom TO be LEADers

FREEdom TO be LEADers   Saturday, July 4th, 2020 Siesta Key beach : 79 degrees/ 68% Humidity QIC: Lancelot * Chillipepper * Sir Wallace Pax: Jimmy Dean, Trump, CottonTail, LG, Big Mac, Clutch, Bing, Pincher, Nickname Cancel, Snapshot, Stagecoach, Panther, McNugget, Drake, Chillipepper, Lancelot, BB20, Redcard, Earlybird, Terabyte, Messi, Woodford, Papa Smurf, Pyro, Brutus, Defib, …

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Make A Merkin Great Again

Location: The Hooch – F3 Alpha (Alpharetta, GA) Ripken brought some of the Sunshine State to the Georgia Peaches. After being beat up by F3 Alpha twice during the week, it was time to deliver a beatdown F3 Suncoast style. No FNGs, no disclaimer. Recited the 5 Core Principles and a short prayer, and initiated …

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Bing- GQ in The Fort – Alcatraz AO

Weather – upper 60s- with a chill in the air for this Floridian! As the pax began to roll into the AO, including a number of them who chose to take a pre-run, YHC was giddy with excitement.  It felt like good old times with so many familiar faces! As the clock struck 6:30, the …

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F3 Suncoast