2nd Stop on the Big Guava Tour

Weather: 77 and Thick Pax: Snapshot, Bing, Yamaha, Crab Cakes, Sir Wallace, Lancelot, BP20, Red Card, Brutus, Mr. Clean, Stagecoach, Jimmy Dean, Clutch With the second stop on the Big Guava Tour at hand, we had record numbers at the Ft Hamer run AO.  YHC explained the game plan.  Options for 6 miles at 9-min …

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Ft Hamer

Weather: Florida Muggy Pax: Tex, Lancelot, Bing, Ripken, Rowdy, Yamaha, Lambeau Yamaha, Ripken and YHC fulfilled a dream we never knew we had by cycling 10-20 miles to and from the running AO. Upon arrival, our bike storage was ready to go (thank Lambeau), shoes changed, bathroom visited, and visited…enough about that. Plan for the …

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Rain? Not this morning!

The three amigos, Yamaha, Crabcakes and YHC met in the parking lot, small talked for a few, started our Garmin watches and headed for the north loop 6-miler. Great conversations we’re had and the worlds problems were solved. Prayers/Praises: Mighty Mouses 2.0 and family as they begin the road to full recovery Our country First …

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” and there was 1″

” and there was 1″ QIC: Rowdy.         PAX : Rowdy The Thang COT It’s been fun,  Blessed to have Brothers to join me in my celebration of my new chapter in my life with Free Spirit. – Rowdy

Coming Thursday to a Ft Hamer near you

Weather: 71F and 100% humidity QIC: Rowdy Pax: Lambeau, Rowdy What a B-E-A-utiful morning! Rowdy showed up as Lambeau was finishing a lap around the parking lot and some stretching. We chatted for a bit and Rowdy donned his 50lb rucksack and we headed out at 5:16. Being a smidge taller than Lambeau, Rowdy kept …

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Laying the Hamer

QIC: Bing Pax: Lambeau, Yamaha, Goob, Bing Weather: Perfect Disclaimer possibly not shared but assumed Lambeau took to the bridge to start his journey back after a foot injury and pushed his limits. Goob, Yamaha and YHC went for the usual north loop completing 6.2 miles at a strong conversational pace. Conversation included how we …

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Ruckin Good Fun

Weather: 70 and steamy QIC: ShamWow Pax: Lambeau, Manziel, Bing, ShamWow, Chili Pepper, Crab Cakes, Goob, Ricky Bobby, Mr Clean, Wahlburger, Yamaha Core principles shared along with the disclaimer and we all took off for some ruckin and running. The initial plan was to ruck run 4-5 miles but that changed quickly. After 1 mile …

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A whole new element

Weather: 70’s and windy QIC: ShamWow/Bing Pax: Cupcake, Bing, ShamWow, Crabcakes, Goob, Lambeau, Sir Wallace, Mr. Clean After a simply inquiring by YHC, the run AO quickly turned Ruck AO for this fine Gloom.  We welcomed Cupcake, visiting Pax from Naperville, shared the core principles and disclaimer, and went along our merry way.  Goob and …

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Running is fun in the cold

Date: 1/23/2020 Weather: 50F and humid QIC: Lambeau PAX: DeepDish, Goob, Rowdy DeepDish showed up a little early and got 1.5 miles in before the rest of the pax showed up. At 5:15 YHC covered the core principles and off we went. Goob and DeepDish headed north into the neighborhood for 6ish miles of fun …

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F3 Suncoast