2020 New Year Convergence

Weather: 60’s and cloudy

QIC: Bing, Drake, Ripken, Sir Wallace, Chili Pepper, Rowdy

Pax: Ace, Sterling, Diesel, Sir Wallace, Manziel, Tex, Banjo, Trane, Messi, Pincher, LG, Big Mac, Smudge, Dirt Dart, ShamWow, Rowdy, Drake, Bubbles, Snapshot, Ozzy, Coop, Lambeau, Fin, Rock, Papa Smurf, DeFib, Aquaman, Wahlburger, I-Beam, Flash, Deep Dish, Cotton Tail, Lancelot, #Law, Dash, Sparky, Recall, Slater, Panther, Stagecoach, LT, Next Time, Lunchbox, FIFA, Anchovy, Double Dribble, Thor, Not It, Brutus, Zeus, Mr. Clean, Tarheal, Zamboni, Gridlock, Mahomes, Ripken, Hang 10, Steel, Chili Pepper, Props, Olympus, Scrum, Tiger, The Situation, Bing

7am struck, disclaimer was shared, core principles were shared and the pax was introduced to the format for the day.  There are a total of 6 Qs.  Each segment will be 10-minutes long.  With this, YHC led the pax on the opening 10-minute warm up including a short mosi with Toy Soldiers, High Knees, Butt Kickers and Nur, ending up behind the basketball court for COP including the following:

  • SSH x30 IC
  • Windmills x10 IC
  • Merkins x10
  • Plank Series x3
  • LBCs

The pax counted off in 4’s and broke into smaller groups.  Ripken, Sir Wallace, Rowdy and Chili Pepper each took a group and would rotate right at 10-minutes.

Sir Wallace:

Setup cones in field approx: 25 yards apart
Partner up with similar sized pax

With Each exercise travel to cones then switch positions and return back to start:
– fireman’s carry
– Leap frogs
– Dead man drags
– Wheel barrows
– Bear crawl drags

Next is stationary partner drills:
– Get ups
– Hamstring curls
– Leg throws
– push lunges


10- Minutes of Ripken Suicides.  1-minute to complete the full set of suicides, starting on the 1-minute mark for 10 straight minutes.





Chili Pepper:

Boxing time – Pax circles up. SSH while one pax does cross jabs, burpee in the switch to next Pax. If time permits second round of upper cuts while doing high knees + burpee on the switch.



Pax enter into the Echo Chamber.  Team on each side on the goal line. Big tire in center ice. Man furthest on left performs a burpee, up into SSH. Repeat down the line until man furthest on right performs burpee, up into sprint to tire. First team with a hand on the tire gets to flip it in other teams direction. Line shift as returning man becomes furthest left to repeat the cycle.




Final 10 minutes was spent on an escalator.  6 rows of cones set up with the pax to execute a set of exercises at each cone.  Each set had a varying mode of transportation.  Once to the last cone, sprint to the fence line.  First round exercises was Merkins (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) with Bear Crawl as the mode of transportation. Second round was LBCs (10, 15, 20, 25, 30) with mode of transportation crab walk.

The Pax pushed through a complete body beatdown to start the new year well!


  • Assistance needed for Prison Ministry – See Scrum
  • Super Hero 5k – Bridge a Life race – Register for the F3 Team
  • Family Camp north of Clearwater – March 13-15.  Register here
  • GrowRuck Florida April 3-5- humbled to be asked to be host region.  Learn more and register here: GrowRuck Florida


  • Continued prayers for Trane’s M and starting her breast cancer treatment
  • Prayers for Ripken’s M’s biopsy on Monday
  • Prayers for The Situation on his journey to Christ
  • All spoken and unspoken prayers

2019 was a great year for F3 Suncoast.  2020 will be even greater.  F3 Nation has asked the Suncoast to host GrowRuck Florida as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary.  We all have been blessed with what F3 has done in our lives, and we are challenged to pass it along. Look for those men in your lives who you know could benefit from F3 and EH them.  Let’s continue to make the huge impact in the community that we have made in 2019, but even more!!

Always honored to be a part of the leadership of this group.

Until next time-

~Bing Out