Pick your torture

Weather-  a frigid 48 degrees

QIC- Goob

Pax-  Deep Dish, Clutch, Lancelot, Condenser, Trane, ShamWow, The Situation, Ricky Bobby, Diesel, Trump, Steel, Ringo, Snapshot, Sir Wallace


With the frigid weather bearing down on us, various Pax members rocking long sleeves, pants, skullies, and more, the 5 core principles were quickly recited and the mosey ensued.  2 laps around the parking lot including nur, high knees, butt kickers, and carioca each direction.  We then circled up and performed 10 SSH in cadence, 10 strawberry pickers in cadence, leg stretching, Michael Phelps, and arm circles.  Once done, the Pax were urged to meet at the bottom of the tower in the parking lot.

The Thang:  At the bottom of the tower, Goob unveiled his evil plan to jumpstart 2020 with a high intensity interval workout which included a barrage of torturous exercises and running.  BUT WAIT, the exercises selected were literally at the hands of the PAX.  The card deck of pain was unveiled and the pax groaned in unison.  The workout itself entailed someone selecting a card at random and handing it to QIC whom then relayed what exercise they were to perform.  From the center of the parking lot, we ran to the first light pole down the brick path.  Once there, do 10 reps of the exercise, run to every other light pole, repeat the 10 reps, etc. until 50 reps were performed.  Once 50 were completed, it was a jailbreak.  So, essentially guys were sprinting nearly 400 meters to the base of the tower and then up to the top.  The pax were to meet at the bottom back in the center of the parking lot and stay busy until the 6 was in.  Repeat.

The torture-

  1.  50 Plank Jacks along the path, jailbreak
  2. 50 meter bear crawl, jailbreak
  3. 50 Merkins along the path, jailbreak
  4. 50 Dips along the path, jailbreak

An audible was called for the last 90 seconds, hand-clap merkins were ordered, and everyone was to do as many as they could in that time frame.

The good news- 0 burpees were performed

I am confident that most in attendance were near max heart rate at various intervals.  It was an honor to lead you guys this morning.


  • Sniper’s ski shoot for the Farm Bureau
  • Ricky Bobby is moving to Sebring in April with his M


  • Ricky Bobby wants to establish F3 out in Sebring plus the pressure of the move
  • Trane’s M has further testing/MRI’s soon for breast cancer
  • Ripken’s M testing for breast cancer
  • The Situation’s cousin has a rare blood cancer
  • Goob’s best friend Ben has both nasopharyngeal and lung cancer