National Running Day Beatdown

Weather:  Hot and Humid, welcome to Southwest Florida!

3 Pax including Ripken (sort of), Gridlock and YHC went for a 3 mile pre-run in the soup like air, in an effort to kick off National Running Day the right way.  As we arrived back at the AO, the lot was full of excitement for what was to come.  That excitement ended right about the time when the Weinke was shared.

With an FNG present, the full disclaimer was given along with the 5 core principles.  In another tribute to National Running Day, the Pax headed off for a combined warm-up and Thang.  No time to spend on a warm-up, and frankly, it was warm enough.

The Thang – Run along Greenbrook drive, heading back towards Route 70.  Stop at each intersection (skipping the park entrance) for a total of 4 stops.  Each stop is roughly .25 miles apart.  At each station/stop, the Pax executed a full body beatdown including 25 Carolina Dry Docks, 25 LBCs and 25 Monkey Humpers (CDD and Monkey Humpers are always a crowd favorite along the road).

Once the end of the sidewalk is reached, the pax dropped to do 10 burpees.  Rinse and repeat on the way back to the AO. Route was exactly 1 mile long in each direction.

The morning was not without adventure though, as 1 pax had to pay a visit to the woods, as he clearly didn’t get up early enough to let mother nature take it’s course (give him credit, he’s 15). ShamWow was then rudely tripped by a section of sidewalk and took a hard fall, rising back up like a trooper, as he finished the walk surrounded by the pax. And finally, our FNG was splashing merlot for a good amount of the way back (I’m confident he will recover quickly and got a great nickname as he continued to splash merlot in the naming circle).

There is a reason why the Pax always keeps working and returns to pick up the six.  No man is ever left behind, and in this case, no man is ever left on the battle field. I am grateful that the Pax was around ShamWow when he fell and truly appreciate you all helping and caring for him.  Prayers for a quick recovery of his cuts and bruises (and hopefully nothing more).

18 Men on a Wednesday morning is another F3 Suncoast record for attendance and I am thrilled to see so many of our Saturday Pax stepping up to attend during the week, and to see our FNG from last week continue to post regularly.  Great job, Survivor!  And for that naming ceremony today.  We never really got to learn about our FNG today, as his only words were “I am almost 17” and “I am going to puke”.  Naming was easy, and welcome to the pax, Splash!!

I am always honored and humbled to lead such a great group of men.  Keep up the great work and see you in the gloom soon!


  • For ShamWow and his quick recovery
  • For Jennifer, Ripken’s sister, to open her heart and soul to Sky Q
  • For Steve, Ripken’s father, as he goes in for some heart surgery on Monday


  • F3 Dads workout – 6/16 – 9am – Adventure Park.  All kids, daughters and sons.