Camden Yards Inaugural Beatdown

Muggy. Sticky. Humid. Whatever a man chooses to call it, those of us who were there know what it was and how it felt. This was the state of the weather this gloom as YHC pulled into the parking lot at Twin Lakes Park, AKA Camden Yards. With the shovel flag planted and sandbags unloaded, 9 of the pax rolled in to post.

The Thang


Mosey with side shuffle, karaoke, nur, and arm circles

Circle of Pain – Jack Jack Webb Variation

1-10, IC (In Cadence):

  • Merkin -> Plank Jack -> Moroccan Night Claps

Mosey to picnic tables

The Main Event – Partners

Groups complete E2M (every 2 minutes) for 6 rounds:

  • Partner table deadlift 5
  • Accumulate 30 dips
  • Accumulate 10 sandbag OTSs (over the shoulder)
  • Accumulate 50 LBCs

Tail Pipe 3X:

Partner 1 runs 100 meters while partner 2 planks

Mosey back to parking lot

Thunderstuck Leg lifts and squats


  • 2.0 Event June 16. Bring your 2.0s (boys and girls) for a workout 9am at the Adventure Park AO. 7am workouts still in effect.
  • Pax traveling
  • Pax health
  • Checkmate’s friends’ and coworkers’ families with recent deaths
  • Workout ministry opportunity with Loving Hands Ministry
  • Chili Pepper and Cuba mission trip safety, health, impact