Thursday at the Fort

Weather: 57 degrees 80% Humidity  Wind 13mph NNW

QIC: CrabCakes

Pax: Shamwow, Lambeau, Yamaha and Wahlburger

0515am rolled around and it was time to get the morning started. Reviewed the 5 Core Principles and as usual told the PAX that the idea was to run, walk, ruk, or whatever and meet back at the parking lot at 0600 or slightly thereafter

The Thang:

Yamaha, Wahlburger and Yours truly ran a total of 5 miles.  Completed the 2.5 mile Waterleaf out and back to the stop sign route.

Lambeau crushed a 5k and completed a task he had tried 2 weeks ago but just missed……1:15 run and 45 second walk.  Rinse and repeat until the 5k is complete.  His excited after finishing was contagious….

Shamwow completed an over the bridge and back walk 5 minutes faster than normal.  Quite the task seeing that on his way back he was walking into the teeth of the wind.  Shamwow shared that he was determined to maintain the pace he had going out and wouldn’t let the wind slow him down.

Announcements:  GrowRuck and Ronald McDonald house

Praises for Lori’s surgery

Prayers for Sarah and Lori and their recovery, First Responders, Military

Here’s to the next time,