A whole new element

Weather: 70’s and windy

QIC: ShamWow/Bing

Pax: Cupcake, Bing, ShamWow, Crabcakes, Goob, Lambeau, Sir Wallace, Mr. Clean

After a simply inquiring by YHC, the run AO quickly turned Ruck AO for this fine Gloom.  We welcomed Cupcake, visiting Pax from Naperville, shared the core principles and disclaimer, and went along our merry way.  Goob and Crabcakes went for a 5-mile run, Lambeau left the ruckers in the dust while YHC, ShamWow, Mr. Clean, Cupcake and Sir Wallace took off, rucks on back.

After one passing of the Ft. Hamer Bridge, it was time for some beatdown style exercises.  First up was squats w. Ruck x15 and Ruck Merkins x10.  Next up was time for a round of Catch Me If You Can.  Mr. Clean, Sir Wallace, Cupcake and YHC partnered up.  Partner 1 did 10x Merkins, 10x Squats and 10x LBCs while Partner 2 double rucked (ruck on back and front) with the shovel flag in hand.  Once Partner 1 was done with all exercises, they ran to catch up with Partner 2.  Partner 1 now wears the double ruck and proceeds onward while Partner 2 does the exercises.  This was done for the entire passage of the bridge. Once in the parking lot, enough time was left for a round of Ruck Mary including Squat Thrusts x20, Flutter Kicks w. Ruck over head x15IC, Freddie Mercury w. Ruck overhead x15 IC, Kettle Bell swings x20 IC.

Crabcakes, Shamwow, Goob and Lambeau returned from their adventures to wrap up a great morning.


  • Night to Shine Friday night
  • Super Hero 5K next weekend
  • GrowRuck Florida April 3-5


  • Crabcakes, Lambeau and Lancelot for helping coordinate GrowRuck Florida with YHC.
  • Cupcake praised the Suncoast pax for their prayers and support with the loss of Noonan, an F3 brother.
  • Bing’s family travels
  • Goob’s friends first treatment
  • Ripken/Trane’s M and their cancer surgeries
  • Injured pax
  • First Responders and military

Always an honor to share the gloom with so many great HIM.