Coming Thursday to a Ft Hamer near you

Weather: 71F and 100% humidity

QIC: Rowdy

Pax: Lambeau, Rowdy

What a B-E-A-utiful morning! Rowdy showed up as Lambeau was finishing a lap around the parking lot and some stretching. We chatted for a bit and Rowdy donned his 50lb rucksack and we headed out at 5:16. Being a smidge taller than Lambeau, Rowdy kept a strong persistent pace that Lambeau found kept his heart rate up nicely. The conversation covered topics from Covid, to bars opening before anything in Wisconsin, to upcoming weddings. The comradery was genuine and the sweat flowed as we rucked/walked on.

Announcements included Rowdy’s wedding this weekend (I can’t recall the others)

Prayers for Sparky’s family as they mourn his brothers passing, for Defib as he continues to assist with COVID patients up north, for first responders.

Lambeau out.