Laying the Hamer

QIC: Bing

Pax: Lambeau, Yamaha, Goob, Bing

Weather: Perfect

Disclaimer possibly not shared but assumed

Lambeau took to the bridge to start his journey back after a foot injury and pushed his limits.

Goob, Yamaha and YHC went for the usual north loop completing 6.2 miles at a strong conversational pace.

Conversation included how we gotta get Crabcakes waking up early again to grace us with his presence…but not his see-thru shorts.

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  • Defib and the doctors, nurses and first reaponders
  • Quickdraw’s continued recovery
  • Those struggling financially and mentally during these times
  • Strength for our new Nantan as he leads us in amazing ways

Always an honor to lead a great group of HIM and it’s great to be back in the gloom with you all.