Living Third With Care 2 Tri

Weather – low 60s and a gorgeous blue sky – and in Florida terms, that is cold!

The much talked about and anticipated Care 2 Tri 5k was upon us.  14 HIM men of the Suncoast followed the lead of Zeus to run this race, but this wasn’t any ordinary race.  This was a race that reminded us that F3 is more than just a workout group.  It is a group of men humbling themselves, placing themselves 3rd.  Creator first, Community second and then ourselves.

As YHC prepared for the race, a special calm came over me.  There was no feeling of nervousness or pressure to run fast.  There was no need to determine what pace to run to get a personal best.  Today wasn’t about personal best performances, it was about putting ourselves 3rd, and our community was the Care 2 Tri athletes, the “differently abled athletes” who were going to have the opportunity to finish a 5k and experience the crowd cheering them on as they crossed the finish line.

The Pax set off on this 5k, all in unison, never looking to beat one another, in fact, most of the Pax spent their time looking back, looking back to see who needed help, who needed extra encouragement, who needed a bit of a push.  This was epitomized by our brother Flashdance who dropped all of the way back to help a mother push her daughter in a Care 2 Tri carriage, eventually taking direction from Sarah and “going faster” to finish a solid 5k.

This was also shown by McNugget, joining efforts with a young 2.0 who wanted to push his sister in the 1-mile walk.  Once again, Sarah wanted to go faster, and it was McNugget who joined this young 2.0 to help grant his sister this wish. 

Words cannot describe the emotions of the day.  Today will go down as one of my proudest as Nantan of the F3 Suncoast.  Whether posting at an AO for a bootcamp (Celery Fields or Adventure Park), running the Care 2 Tri 5k, or supporting Sniper with the Farm Bureau Skeet Shoot fund raiser, the Pax of F3 Suncoast showed this community that F3 is more than just a workout group.  It is a group of men bettering themselves for our families, our community and our Creator.  It is the #FloridaMiracle in full effect!

Thank you all for the role you play in this great group.  I am forever humbled by each and every one of you and I thank Sky Q for placing you in my life.  If you want to learn more about Care2Tri, visit their website here:

~Bing Out

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  1. Proud day all around and the most amazing transferomation its realy not what happened to me the last 3 month …. Its “F3” raising a new Generations of 2.0s that believes the CREDO, & F3 Leadership VIRTUES.
    I woulda never believed that a 13 years old boy will rather Run with group of men for 5 k than going with his friends or spend more time in the wormth of the fart sack .

    Thank you Suncoast F3 Pax #Proud Dad.

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