Wedded Bliss Beatdown

Weather: 76 and humid

QIC: Lambeau

Pax: Mr. Clean, Bogota, Manziel, Scrum, LG, Trump, Crabcakes, Pincher, Shamwow, Props, ROTC, Amazon, Backdraft, Toe Jam, Bing, Chilli pepper, Wallburger, Sparky, Dash, Cotton Tail, Ripkin, Lambeau

Twenty-two pax came out for a Lambeau led beatdown of bliss. At 7:00AM YHC welcomed everyone and ran through the five core principles of F3. A volunteer was requested to lead us in a two lap mosey around the parking lot since my pace is half that of most of the pax. Mr Clean took the honors and lead the way while calling out some high knees, carioca and nur. As the majority of the pax looked to be standing around while I was finishing my last lap, I called out for them to start some Side Straddle Hops and Bing lead the group to a count of 15 before I called out a halt.

Next I led us through some stretches including some body twists, Michael Phelps, arm circles and chest stretches. The final exercise in this circle was Strawberry Pickers where I tried to keep track of the number we were at while calling the cadence, only to find that a) it confused everyone and b) I kept skipping numbers anyway. Alas we got through it!

The pax were instructed to count off by two’s and I then explained the next group of exercises would be done in pairs, with the 1’s doing one exercise and the 2’s doing another for 91 seconds. The groups would then switch exercises for the next 91 seconds. Why 91 seconds? Well, YHC explained that today was his 28th anniversary and since he was married in 1991, 91 was the number we were using. We then headed into the pavilion to complete the three sets of exercises: Moroccan Night Clubs & Triceps Dips; Dolly’s & Step Ups; Homer to Marge & Seated Reverse Crunch. There was a lot of mumble chatter through this and Bing pointed out it was probably due to the fact we didn’t need to keep count.

Next we headed down to the field to run an Escalator. The pax were instructed to do 10 Jump Ups, run across the field to the fence at the dog park and do 20 Burpees, run back to the path and do 30 Merkins, run back to the fence and do 40 Salsa Dips and finally return to the path to complete 50 Lunges. Those who finished early where very chatty once again and YHC found himself wondering if maybe the bar was a little low.

We headed into the echo chamber for the last group of exercises and the mumble chatter continued so YHC decided that for the fist set, instead of 11’s we would do 14’s: 2 exercises, times 14 reps is 28 – the number of years I have been married. The pax seemed okay with this until I called out for Mountain Climbers and Captain Thors. We began and the mumble chatter was finally toned down as we all struggled to keep count and get through the massive amount of American Hammers required as part of the Captain Thors. Once completed we did a set of 11’s consisting of Carolina Drydocks and Plank Jacks and YHC had to call out that it was 8:00 before the final few were able to complete.

We circled up for a count and name-o-rama followed by announcements including Ronald McDonald House on September 9th, Ragnar (in December) has a few spots open still, starting this Tuesday the Twin Lakes AO will move to Nathan Benderson Park, Props mentioned that his M is looking for 30 gals to get a FIA (Females In Action) group started in the area, Game night at Trump’s next Saturday evening, Rowdy completed his first bit of training and Goob’s job search is finally over. Prayer requests for Rowdy and for injured pax.

Lambeau out