The Dirty Triangle

Weather: A cool crisp 72 degrees thanks to the thunderstorms from yesterday afternoon.

QIC: Slater

Pax: Slater, Diesel, Papa Smurf, Zimma, Lonestar, Snapshot, Steel

Papa Smurf greeted me  with a joyful hello as I pulled into the parking lot and for a moment I thought it might just be the two of us, but as the hour drew near the pax started rolling in. At the top of the hour I gave a quick run down of the core principles and the disclaimer and we moseyed around the Audubon Societies headquarters and circled up. COP included, SSH x10, Strawberry pickers x10, Mountain climbers x10, merkins x10, and then some stretching. After the pax seemed stretched and the sweat beads were beginning to form we headed to mother hill, stopping by Diesels truck to each grab a pair of bricks and up, up and away we went for our first climb of the morning. Once at the top the dirty triangle was explained. With turning 45 this month I decided to go with the number 45. There would be three points to our triangle. The starting point would be the top of mother hill, each member would perform 20 bench presses with the bricks lying on your back followed by 20 merkins and finish with 5 burpees, we then descended down grandmother hill where each would perform 20 LBC’s, 20 American Hammers, and finish with 5 burpee’s. Upon completion at this point the descend would continue to the bench’s at the bottom of mother hill and perform 20 triceps dips, 20 moracin nightclubs, and 5 burpee’s. Upon completion of this point the pax would ascend mother hill completing the triangle. The four on the roar was turned off for the moment and the pax completed 2 laps of this triangle. Once the Mother Hill Triangle was completed and a very slow ten count was given we began to work on a flatter triangle. We stayed up top with the  trail head at the top of mother hill being our starting and stopping point. The first point of the triangle included, 20 shoulder presses with the bricks, 2nd stop 15 BB sit-ups, and third was 15 burpee’s. I was treated a little less than cordial at the 15 burpee stop but the pax worked hard and completed this lap with time for more. The next lap included a shoulder and chest routine with the bricks of which I don’t have a name for. With bricks in hand pax raised each arm straight up from the side, holding arms straight out the bricks were brought together in a butterfly fashion to the middle and then lowered. Each completed 15 reps of this, 2nd stop included 15 squat jumps, third stop 15 merkins, with mosey’s as mode of transportation between stops. Once completed we circled up for some curls for the girls as we use to yell in high school. 30 reps of curls with the bricks 5 burpees, 30 reps 4 burpees, 30 reps, 3 burpees, counting down to one burpee. With just a few minutes left on the clock we completed a round of Mary which included 15 American hammers, 15 Merkins, 15 Freddie Mercury’s, 15 Flutter kicks, and 15 Mountain Climbers. Thank goodness it was again the top of the hour. The pax worked hard and sweated but all agreed what an honor it is to have each other to push and encourage one another. Good work this morning men.

Announcements: The Camden Shift to Benderson, 1776 at Adventure Park on Thursday.

Prayer and Praise: Zima’s grandmother and Snapshots mother in law. Our first responders who keep us safe everyday but especially as we will be enjoying our 4th on Thursday. Our service men and women, and believers across the globe who are in places that don’t have the freedom we do to express our faith in Christ.

Thank You to the pax for letting me lead you today, truly a privilege and an honor.