Ruck’n Up The Pax and a Soldier’s Creed

Good morning Suncoast and to the F3 Pax that calls it home!

Temps: It is 67 degrees and gusty and windy this morning. No humidity in sight today unlike yesterday so the “Heaters” aka “Rucksacks” will prove their value today.

A.O.: This morning we are at NBP and the Tower of Terror. I have a different plan today for Pax that show up for the Gloom and it will be more of a Ruck Run and Go Ruck style event today. Movement, Ruck H.I.T activities, and a lesson which today is based on the Soldier’s Creed and the Warriors 4 Ethos.

Opening Ceremony: We get started at 0515 with the 5 core principles. I let everyone know that it will be a Ruck Run and Go Ruck event day and that it will revolve around the Soldier’s Creed. We “Ruck Up!” and start the run across the bridge out to Cattleman Rd and take a left into the darkness. At about .02 of the first mile we stop at the Bridge and I go over Go Ruck, what Growruck will be like and what they can expect. I inform this group of H.I.M. that although the physical aspects of the event will push you and test you it will not be without the test of your intestinal fortitude. The space between the ears is where men quit long before the body does. The Warrior Spirit is necessary, a requirement and expected of all of us. We will lean on each other and need each other to complete the event that will unfold over the 10-12 hour period just a few weeks from today. I go over the 4 Ethos in the Soldier’s Creed with the group and the importance of them.

  1. I will always place the mission first.
    1. I explain that as leader you must prioritize. I explain I always lived the with a Mission first, men always approach. Remember, “Mission, men, then me”. This is the way to lead, always.
  2. I will never accept defeat.
    1. We are winners and we learn from mis-steps, missed opportunities and failures in order to succeed the next time.
  3.  I will never quit.
    1. I have said many times in my Qs…“DFQ!” I do not care if you modify, I only care that you do not quit. Keep going and give it everything you have. This is your time for growth. “Embrace the Suck!”
  4.  I will never leave a fallen comrade. 
    1. This is self explanatory. We never leave a man where we found him, we make sure we never leave our six.

The Thang: We head out and run down and under the bridge where the city has so nicely provided Infantry Blue lighting. We circle up and it is time to get busy. WE visit again the proper process and steps to conducting PT.

With the rucks on:

  • The Side Straddle Hop 15 reps in a 4 count. = 30 reps
  • The Push Up 15 reps in a 4 count = 30 reps

Double time out from under the bridge and down through the avenue of Palms. “Where is the flag ?!” I yell. “It is alway at the front!” As the flag makes it way up we are Halfway down the avenue of Palms and are at .07 of a mile so lets get some busy time again.

  • Sumo Squats in Cadence 15 reps at 4 count = 30. Guys are starting to get warm, feeling some burn and mumble chatter begins.

Run some more and at the end of the avenue of Palms we stop at a large paved square. We take off the rucks because it is busy time again.

  • For the members of the Pax with no rucks they must do leg lifts with heels to the sky.
  • If you have rucks we start with Ruck swings 15 reps. The repeat again 15 more reps.
  • Next Pax with no rucks Carolina Dry Docks.
  • Rucks are lifted high above our heads, arms locked out reaching for the sky for extended periods and then we go into Military Presses and hold them again. Light up the triceps and the shoulders, now we are having fun!

Ruck Up!! We start out again and head for the grass and sand. We run out and run circles to police up the six. No man is left behind. We come to a stop and I have 6 rucksacks lined up plant the F3 flag 30 meter away and we line up behind the rucks. Ruck drags in the bear crawl position and due to time restraints, I have them run the ruck back to the start for the next Pax member to hit it saving them from the dreaded ruck drag back.

Ruck up! Run some more and get half way down the far side of the Avenue of Palms and I have the Pax fall into 2 columns. They know it and they are talking Indian Run. We run this the remainder of the route including up the hill and back the bridge by the NBP Tower.

We stop on the bridge, and do Flutter kicks with the Ruck held up above at 15 reps 4 count = 30. Ruck Up we still have 5 minutes till 0600. We run again all the way around the parking lot and start down to the base of the tower. “I have a bad feeling about this.” and I hear “Do we have time to go to the top?” Lots of chatter again. Remember the space between the ears I mentioned? The mind gives in before the body does…this is a perfect example of the mind getting in the way. Although I never intended to run them up the tower today it did get exactly what I wanted from a few if not all. The challenge is before you and the correct answer is, “We have time for this, we can do this, I can help you brother if you need it. I am here for you, No OYO!”

At the bottom we put down the rucks and I hand everyone today a laminated copy of the Soldier’s Creed to take with them,to read and to apply in their lives as they move forward.


  • Grow Ruck is coming taccept and take the challenge.
  • Sup and Run in May
  • Gator Wilderness Camp in April
  • Get ready the season is here for 5K Races, Spartan, Go Rucks and all sorts of activities to continue strengthening the mind, body and fellowship in the Suncoast PAX

Praise and Prayers:

  • Ripkin and Trane’s Ms and their recovery
  • Condensor and there work to help and raise a foster child now heading for a new home
  • Pax members in need and in pain
  • First Responders, LoF and our Military

“If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you will keep on getting what you get, Embrace the Suck!! AROO!

Coop out


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