“Orange is the New Black” … since we’re losing an hour this weekend, Gang did time this morning. No OYO w/ a Prison beatdown

AO: Unconditional Surrender

When: 03/05/2020

6 Pax today: Clutch, Papa Smurf, Snapshot, Coop, Banjo, & Lancelot

The Chatted Out Shot Caller: Lancelot

***CHATTED OUT:  Someone who has gone crazy. & SHOT CALLER:  A shot caller is an inmate boss, the leader of a gang

FNG: No FISH: term used for new prisoners & new to prison politics, the reality of how things are runned

REC Time

***the hour a day allowed outside one’s cell.


“Orange is the New Black” … since we’re losing an hour this weekend,  made the Gang do time this morning. No OYO w/ A Prison Style work out today in the Marina


5 core Principles

Free – open to all men – Held outdoors, rain or shine – Led by men, rotating fashion – Free – End in COT

Modify as needed



Slow Warm up in the Prison Yard, : Michael Phelps, Arm Circles, Leg Stretches, SSH, Mosey around the Yard

The Thang:

Triangle barrier Jumps- 60 seconds 

Merks- 2o sec on- 10 rest 4 sets

-1/8 mile  lap in the Yard,

Squats- 20 sec on-10 sec rest 4 sets

-1/8 mile  lap in the Yard,

LBCs- 20 sec on-10 sec rest 4 sets

-1/8 mile  lap in the Yard

Round of Marys: Motivators, Swimmers, LBCs, 


Circle of Trust

March is Mental Battle Month, focusing on Men’s mental challenges. While Mens suicide is the main focus, men face various types of mental battles, …isolation, pressure to fulfill the Patriarch role, Ensuring the “Masculinity” characteristics of life stay strong in today’s Society, etc.  No OYO,   give someone a call, if you see a brother in need. Leave no man behind…

Announcements: Growruck, Ronald McDonald House – St Pete, Mr Clean, March 31st, SUP

Prayers: Clutch’s Father in Law & his friends who are battle mental challenges, All pax needing uplifted, First responders, veterans, and for all PAX to be safe & healthy

Pax  were released to Catch the Chain (*** When an inmate is leaving)  for Coffeeteria @ Starbucks

“Orange is the new Black”…

Noticed I had all in Orange, yet kept Coop in Black. Symbolic of the orange, usually men in prison, who have faulted in some way , who are battling mentally & physically, trying to survive with those around them in same situations, but not knowing it. The Black, is F3, where many men can  utilize F3 to help come together and have fellow men  help with their battles and stand by HIM, no matter the situation.


Happy Birthday Banjo, welcome to the “Respected F Club”!

Since Banjo is now 50, our beatdown was all O.Gs with Clutch, our Jit of the day!

*** O.G. An “original gangster;” a label of respect given to older inmates who has been in the prison system a long time.!

***Jit – somebody younger or young thugs/wannabe thugs or other punky kids.


Have a great day F3 Nation!

Thanks to all the PAX  that came out to the Yard and served their Time!

As always, honored – Lancelot