Three’s A Crowd (lately)

56 degrees and three HIM for a brisk March beatdown.

After a late callout by Condenser last night he was joined by Snapshot and Diesel.

We started with some stretching, so we did not hear or feel any rubber bands breaking.  We then mosied to the east parking lot for some Motivators.  All was going well until Condenser lost track of our dance steps.

The Thang

We grabbed our ruck then headed up Mother Hill.  This was a repeat of a few weeks ago, but with different HIM.


A – Al Gore Hold 1 Minute
B – Box Cutters 15
C – Carolina Drydocks  10
D – Diamond Merkins 10
E – Dying Cockroaches
F – Freddie Mercury’s  15
G – Gorilla Humpers 15
H – Heals to Heaven 20
I – Imperial Walkers  each leg 20
J – Jump Ups, Bobby Hurleys 15
K – Knuckle Merkins 15
L – LBC’s 30
M – Mountain Climbers 20
N – North American Hammers 25
O – Overhead Claps
P – Plank Jack 20
Q – Flutter Qicks each 20
R – Russian Twist 20 **
S – Strawberry Pickers 20
T – Toy Soldiers each leg 20
U – Burpees 10
V – Shoulder Taps ea arm 10
W – Windmills 20
X – Moroccan Nightclubs 30
Y – Monkey Humpers 15
Z – Side Straddle Hops 30

**Russian Twists – American Hammers from squat position

Spell your full name – first, middle, last and F3 name.

Do the exercise for each letter that spells your name.

After each part of your name, run the top of Mount Celery or down and up grandmother hill.

We finished right at 8:00, right after the lions set a record for us of 8 burpee sessions.

Prayer for all of our M’s going through separate issues.  All men going through mental issues during this month of Mental Awareness.   Our first responders and military.