Revenge of the Coupon

QIC: Chilipepper

20 Pax in attendance.  Rowdy, LG, McNugget, Lambo, Manzel, Aqua Man, Drake, Wallburger, 8Ball, Brutus, Pincher, Scrum, BigMac, Trump, Sir Walice, Spaky, Dash and welcome Goliath, and Skimmer

Weather: 82, humid and coupons!

Week 2 of IronPax Challenge!  Impressed by the PAX and the effort put forth.  Some alternative coupons were provided along with alternative exercises for those needing  modification.

Mozy (400 Meters) including butt kickers and high knees. Shortly followed by SSH, Strawberry pickers, Arm cycles and salsa stretches’.  Coupons were picked up and we headed to the field.

4 Rounds for Time (Elapsed time scoring):  35 pound coupon

Round 1:

10 Manmakers   (Burpee + overhead Press w Block)

20 Overhead Presses (Chest to full extension)

30 KB Swings (Above Eye Level)

40 Goblet Squats (legs parallel to floor or lower)

50 Incline Block Merkins (touch chest to block then full extension)

1600 meter run (4 x 400 m)

Round 2:

Repeat then 1,200 meter run (3 x 400 m)

Round 3:

Repeat + 800 meter run (2 x 400 m)

Round 4:

Repeat * 400 meter run (1 x 400 m)


The Meaning of Marriage, New Book Study, Saturdays AP at 6:15 AM starting

Bring on the Ministry fundraiser on Oct 19 2019 at 6:30. Chash donations to

Rowdy goes to Bahamas, first will provide training on the 24th then on to Bahamas mission work.  To help the cause

Peace!  Till next week!