No Q…No problem

A little cooler today with a slight breeze.

We did not have a Q this morning , so with for pax in attendance we played round-robin.  Also there we no FNGS in attendance.

Yoyoma started us off with a mosey up the west side of the hill with carioca  on each side, nur, and high knees.  The pax came back for the 6 and we made our way to the first bench.  We started with 15 merkins and 15 dry docks.  Then ran down the path 50 yards.  We did this twice.  We then lunged for 30 yards to a clearing.

Here it was Slaters turn.  We started with 20 merkins, the ran the 50 yard path to do 5 big boy situps, then back to the other side.  We did this four times and decreased the merkins and increased the situps by five each time.

Next up was Snapshot.  We mozied down the side path to the back of the hill.  We started with 15 ssh, a run of 100 yards, 15 squats.  We repeated two times, then it was up the backside of the hill.

Diesel took his turn once up the hill, he mentioned something about the bricks in his truck, but backed off of that after some chatter.  We mozied back around to the bottom of the hill and used the benches at the pavillion.   There we did dips, jump ups and decline merkins.

We still had time on the clock, so Slater had us do ten merkins, and one american hammer.  Each time adding too and decreasing each exercise.

Time must have been standing still as we still had ten minutes left.  Yoyoma thought we should use the hill.  We teamed up, first person would bear crawl half way up the hill while the second did dry docks.  Second round was bear crawl and LBCs.  Time was up.

Lion count: 2

Announcements: Laps for Life run, Care 2 Tri run.

Prayers: Kotters M, Snapshots M, hurricane victims and first responders.