BackBlast from Fridays Live Beatdown at NBP Tower!

So we finally went live again. It was a learning experience as a lot more than 7 showed and I accidently skipped the 5 core principals and disclaimers to split us up into small groups. 3 groups with different routines. 1 group rucked w/ pain stations. 1 group did whatever they did and my group did my workout. We also had some technical difficulties with the Zoom and weren’t able to go live. We are in new territory and will get it sooner than later! Apologies to those who tried to Zoom.  It was great seeing some faces I haven’t seen in awhile and sweating, fellowshipping and just being around you guys again. Thank you brave 25!

Pax: 25!

Weather: 62degrees n glorious!!

515am-GOOD MORNING! break up into 3 small groups.

517am-injury prevention Dynamic Warmup: 10 arm circles (each direction), 10 Michael Phelps, 10 agitators, 10 reach for the stars (each direction), 10 good mornings, 15 mt. climbers (ik), 20 ssh (ik), Mozy to AO.

525-555am-Beatdown: 1) 3 rotations of front shoulder shrugs, deadlifts, rear shoulder shrugs, military press (each movement in the rotation till failure, minimal if any rest between rotation or sets).

Jailbreak up front stairs down the rear. SSH or plank at YOUR picnic table till 6 is in.

2) 3 rotations of step ups w/ high knee and punch (10 each leg), big boy sit ups on or by YOUR picnic table (20), box jumps onto tabletop or seat (10-15), leg raises on YOUR picnic table (15-20).

Jailbreak up rear stairs down the front. Imperial walkers or Freddie mercurys on or at YOUR picnic table till 6 is in.

3) TIME PERMITTING Burnout session!!: “furious 5” (3 tiered merkins: ground, incline seat, incline table top, decline table top, decline seat, ground repeat reps for each position from 5-0 until 555am)     ***TIME DID NOT PERMIT***TIME DID NOT PERMIT***TIME DID NOT PERMIT***TIME DID NO

6am- COT


Announcements: Bing is moving up in the world (ask him)!, 2 GrowRucks coming up in other regions (Lancelot has the whole scoop).

Praise Reports: Props and M have finally got their home in NC sold and their small business stimulus return! Rowdy praises the family bonding time he’s gotten with Caleb. Praises for Gods beautiful morning and Him allowing us to be there live with Him and one another. Praises that our brother Defib is so far all good as he is working on the front-frontlines as well as praise for ChilliPeppers daughter being able to assist with Defibs boys as his M returns to work. (I feel I may have forgotten one and i apologize, it’s been a wild 12hrs)

Prayer Requests: QuickDraw is back in the hospital w/pneumonia. Defib is away from his family working on the front-frontlines. All those elderly in retirement homes without visits and scared as well as the men and women serving them. All those in the jails without visitation as well as the men and women working in there. All the 1st responders and other emergency workers working in the face of this thing going hard to keep us safe. All emerging new heroes helping us keep a level of normalcy (store clerks, stockers, truckers, gas station attendants, retirement home workers…). All injured or otherwise missing pax and their families. Brutus’s 2.0’s launch. Rowdy and FreeSpirits marriage liscense. If I forgot anyone or anything I apologize, it’s been a busy 12hrs. God bless!

“The Gloom Belongs To Us (Again)!”

“Leave No Man Behind. Leave No Man Where You Found H.I.M”

F3Suncoast. Respect. Rowdy out.