Once upon a monday

So,,, once upon a Monday at Adventure Park, 13 weirdos gathered in the dark. Some came early to run before the fun, others came on time to enjoy their morning delights. No one was late, which always is great.

5:15am-5 principals, waiver, intro

5:16am- Mozy with Nurr, Butt Kickers, High Knees n Karaoke both ways.

5:22am- Circle up for Strawberry Pickers (10 IK), Wind Mills (10 IK), Arm Circles

5:28am- Over the bridge n partner up, Rowdy wanna DORA round the lake, 100Carolina Dry Dox, 200LBC”s n 300Murkins.

5:41am- Super Burpee Indian Run back to the Echo Chamber.

5:47am- Roun’da Mary in the Echo Chamber. Forgive me that I can’t remember who called what, it’s been a long 14hrs since then,  except that Pincher wanted to run 2 laps (no stop’n that guy!), Bing wanted to run 2 laps as well, myself n another fine soul wanted to do some Burpees (5 each), we did All Mighty Thors, Freddie Mercury’s, Sham WOW called out Rope Climbers, we did Peter Parkers, Wilson wanted Dog Piss’n on the Hydrants (10 each leg, that’s alotta pee!) and some other stuff! I’m sorry! I can’t remember all of it!

6am-  Count o’Rama 13

Name O’Rama

Announcements,-Wer gett’n close to our 50 HIM goal for Gridlocks Bridge A Life 5k next Saturday! If you haven’t signed up yet ya better get on that ya dig! Juvenile Bootcamp started up last Saturday, interested parties hit up Rowdy, Scrum, Sniper or Chilli n wel get you in the loop.  Tri Yer Heart Sunday.

Praise Reports- Juvenile Bootcamp started with a positive day and solid foundation being established.  Pincher set his PR during his 1/2 Marathon yesterday (knocking off Bings previous record, to the shegrin of Bing himself), Drake set his PR by completing his 1st 1/2 Marathon yesterday (great work bro!)

Prayer Requests- Backdraft’s situation with his ex, speedy end and as little lawyer fees as possible. Also look’n for a home, apt, condo… 1st Responders all over the world with a lil extra love for our big 3 Sniper, Zeus n Hercules Hercules Hercules

Post Run- Bing n Pincher, Pincher n Bing (if ya can believe that) 2.4 miles in 2mins!!!

Parking Lot 2nd F- Backdraft n Rowdy, Sparky n Lambeau, then all 4 and then Bing n Pincher, Pincher n Bing joined then Rowdy went to pee n when he came back ere’body had left!

Gentlemen I apologize to anyone, anything I forgot. I swear it ain’t personal, just a lotta time with alotta activity in between then n now. All things considered I think I did pretty well.

F3 Respect!

Rowdy out