Date: 07/27/19

Weather: 75-degrees, sunny and humid

QIC: Recall

PAX: Sterling, ShamWow, Trump, LG, Barron, McNugget, Cottontail, Raid, Ryno (FNG), Aquaman, Toe Jam, Geek Squad, Deep Fried (FNG), Wet Wipe (FNG), Big Mac, Braveheart (FNG), Wahlburger, Daisy, Crab Cakes, Scrum, Bing, Recall

A strong 22 posted for this Saturday’s beat down.  YHC kicked off the morning by advising that he and his M had just celebrated 16 years as a couple, 11 years married, and 6 years as parents.  YHC advised that those numbers would guide the PAX down this gloom’s path of pain.  YHC went through the 5-Core Principles, as well as the Disclaimer.  To start, the PAX completed a 2-lap mosey around the parking lot featuring high knees, butt kickers, carioca (x2), and Toy Soldiers.  YHC circled-up the PAX in the Echo Chamber.

The Tunes

Below was the playlist for today’s Beatdown:

  • Into the Fire – Asking Alexandria
  • So Far Away – Crossfade
  • Again – Flyleaf
  • Alive – P.O.D.
  • Monster – Paramore
  • Already Over – Red
  • Hero – Skillet
  • Bones – Young Guns
  • Dark Daze – Sylar
  • Go (Let Me Save You) – Citizen Zero
  • End Transmission – First From the Gods
  • Black – Sevendust
  • Everlong – Foo Fighters
  • Highway Tune – Greta Van Fleet
  • Still Alive – Red
  • Rise Today – Alter Bridge
  • The Promise – In This Moment
  • Hear Me Now – Bad Wolves
  • Papercut – Linkin Park
  • Falling Apart – Papa Roach
  • Dynamite – Any Given Sin
  • Forgotten – From Ashes To New


  • 25 SSH – IC
  • 10 Florida Strawberry Pickers – IC
  • 10 Imperial Walkers – IC
  • Hamstring & Quad Stretches
  • 10 Plank Jacks – IC
  • Plank Hold ~ Right Arm High / Left Arm High
  • 10 Mountain Climbers – IC
  • Plank Hold ~ Right Arm High / Left Arm High
  • Bicep & Tricep Stretches
  • 20 Moroccan Nightclubs – IC

The Thang

Drill #1: The Sweet Sixteen

YHC explained that he first met his wife met in the late Spring of 2003, and that they had just celebrated 16 years as a couple.  YHC felt it important to commemorate those years.  YHC counted off the PAX into 4s, and directed each group to corresponding Stations, numbered 1-4.

YHC advised that each of the 4 stations included 4 exercises: 16 exercises total.  YHC explained that each station’s exercises would be executed individually via AMRAP, in 1-minute, timed sets.  There would be no breaks between sets.  After completing all 4 exercise intervals in a given station, the PAX would run 2 laps around the Echo Chamber and then rotate clockwise to the next station.

  • Station 1: SSH, American Hammers, Freddie Mercury’s, Imperial Walkers
  • Station 2: Merkins, LBCs, Monkey Humpers, Mountain Climbers
  • Station 3: Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Plank Hold, Moroccan Nightclubs
  • Station 4: Peter Parkers, Squats, Plank Jacks, Hello Dolly

Drill #2: Eleven Reps of Sweated Bliss

YHC moved the PAX to the Gazebo.  YHC asked that the PAX use their previously-assigned numbers and move to their corresponding picnic table, which were numbered 1-4.

YHC explained that his then girlfriend became his M on July 26, 2008.   YHC discussed the Concentrica model, and the M’s placement and importance therein.  YHC felt obliged to commemorate the 11 wonderful years shared with his “innermost-ring”.

YHC advised that the next Drill was 13-minutes long, and individually paced.  4 exercises were listed at each picnic table.  PAX would complete 11 reps of each exercise at a table before moving clockwise to the next table.  Tables 1 and 3 consisted of exercises requiring feet on the picnic tables, while Tables 2 and 4 consisted of exercises requiring hands on the picnic tables.  Rinse and repeat until time expires.

  • Table 1 (Feet): Step Ups (Left Leg Leads), Heel Lifts, Merkins, Big Boy Sit-ups
  • Table 2 (Hands): Dips, Wide Merkins, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers (2x)
  • Table 3: (Feet): Step Ups (Right Leg Leads), American Hammer, R&L Leg Lunges
  • Table 4 (Hands): Dips, Mountain Climbers (2x), Diamond Merkins, Parker Peters (2x)

Drill #3: Nikki Sixxes

YHC moved the PAX back to the Echo Chamber and lined everyone up along the goal line.

YHC explained that his oldest 2.0 celebrated a birthday on July 22nd, noting that he and his M were also celebrating 6 fantastic years of being parents.  YHC revisited the Concentrica model, the placement of Shorties within, and the immense privilege and responsibility we have as parents, providers, and role models for our 2.0s.  YHC wanted to celebrate his 2.0’s 6th birthday with a modified format of 11s, emphasizing the number 6.  The exercises chosen were Burpees and Merkins.

The PAX completed the Nikki Sixx Drill with 3-minutes to spare.  So, naturally, YHC reminded everyone that he also had a 2-year old Shorty.  YHC lined up the PAX again, and we completed two more goal line runs, each requiring 2 Burpees upon arrival.

The Moleskin

YHC recapped the two innermost rings of the Concentrica, emphasizing the importance of each and our responsibility to keep them aligned, cherished, and in balance.  YHC encouraged the PAX to reflect on the Concentrica balance within their lives, and to make adjustments where needed.  YHC shared that within the past year he’s found a much better balance in his own Concentrica by shifting career to its appropriate location.  In doing so, and somewhat surprisingly, that balance has quickly led to better emotional health, while also fueling much personal and professional growth.

Circle of Trust

  • Announcements
    • St. Pete AO is live — keep spreading the word and strive to attend on a Saturday
    • 24 hours remain to get your shirt order placed.  If you want a F3 Suncoast car seat cover, make sure to select One Size Fits All
    • August Q Schedule is now available – step up and lead!
    • Ronald McDonald House event scheduled for September 9th
    • 2nd F Event at Rusty Bucket on Wednesday, July 31st at 6PM
  • Prayers
    • Crab Cake’s family as they travel home from North Carolina
    • Bing’s friend from the Carolinas who passed away unexpectedly. Prayers for him, and especially for his 2.0s.  May they find peace, comfort, clarity and purpose.
    • Recall’s 16-year old dog whose health may be taking a tough turn. Prayers for his M and his young kids as they navigate.

Thanks for coming!  As always, I had a ball making you sweat!