More Pax and a new route

Weather: 77 degrees and 99%+ Humidity – but at 20 mph, there is sorta a breeze

Pax: Bing, Yamaha, Pincher, Messi, Sniper, Ripken, Cotton Tail, Brutus

COT: As with most rides, we start with COT. Announcements were limited.


  • Safe travels for Ripken
  • Prayers for Zipp’s recovery
  • First Responders and military
  • Our country
  • Safety on the ride

A few pax headed out early to meet Ripken on his inbound route, and met at Wawa. Once It was time to take off, Brutus mentioned he was going to bail through Waterside. Well, you won’t get rid of us that fast, as we all headed through waterside to Deer run and down through Lakewood Ranch Blvd. Pace was steady until Ripken blew a tube, on his bike. A quick change and we were off again.

Pace was steady and strong with an 8-man draft in place.

As always, a great morning, but we surely miss our brothers from the other side of the tracks, or 70. What do we need to do to be graced with their presence?

Until next time,

~Bing Out