3rd Annual 1776 Patriot Games

Weather: Hot

QIC: Bing

Pax: Sniper, Sterling, Messy, Kondo (F5), Quaker (F5 FNG), Horsepower (FNG), Smudge, Lancelot, Crab Cakes, McNugget, Big Mac, Mr. Clean, Amazon, Cotton Tail, Jimmy Dean, Canada (F5), Fireball (F5), Flatline, Hercules, 6Pack, DeFib, Toe Jam, Scrum, Gridlock, Deep Dish, Trump, Barron, Backdraft, Hot Pocket, Ringer, Pincher, Click bait (FNG), Recall, Splicer, LG, Free Spirit (F5), Diesel, Banjo, Slater, Chili Pepper, Clutch, Snapshot, Scholar (F5), Force (F5), Gator, Bing, Lambeau, Dallas Pax, Fishsticks (FNG), Hansen (FNG), Flo Rida (FNG), Mopar

52 Men and Pax from the F5 co-ed group with 6 FNGs took on the challenge of the 1776 Patriot Games, with most going for full American Eagle status.  Below is a breakdown of all that was put before us.

There was much mumble chatter shared along with pushing one another along.


  • 9/9 – Ronald McDonald House
  • Rowdy has become certified in his CRI training and will be deploying to Puerto Rico for disaster relief.  If you feel called to support Rowdy’s financial needs, please click on the following link: Crisis Response International Staff Page
  • Tuesday bootcamp now at Nathan Benderson Park


  • Prayers for Rowdy
  • Prayers for our military and first responders
  • Prayers for Amazon’s father-in-law
  • Injured Pax and Traveling Pax

God continues to work great things through this pax.  While sharing that Rowdy was in need of funds for airfare for his next mission trip, one Pax stepped up immediately and is donating the necessary airline miles to get Rowdy his flight.  What a true blessing!

The growth of the pax is truly humbling.  45 Men, 7 Ms, up from 21 Men in year one and 27 men (+ 2 Ms) in year 2.  We continue to see great things across the Suncoast, and this is only the beginning.  Fellowship following the Patriot Games was also fantastic!

Until next time.

~Bing Out.