Bucket Brigade at the Tower.

Great morning, 84 degrees and humid.  Only 3 other pax were brave enough to come to the tower for a Chilipepper beat down (evidently all were ghosted away by the Pepper).  No time to waste, a quick mozy including buck kickers and high knees.

Tailgate up! Revealing tokens to share.  Each PAX received two 10 pound pavers and a large bucket per team.   We proceeded to the base of the tower.  SSHs, Salsa to the starts (Salsa dip, one hand on floor the other stretched to the starts for a 15 count, then switch hands) and arm cycles.  Divided in 2 teams, with a total of 4 Pax that was simple.

Hola Diego! (Dora’s older cousin) –  Instruction was simple, execution demanding.

  1. Load up the buckets with 4 pavers (40 pounds).  One Team member takes the Bucket to the top of the tower, changing hands at each landing.
  2. Team member 2 completes the following.
    1. 100 – Burpees
    2. 150 – Hand Release Merkins
    3. 200 – Decline Carolina Dry Docks
    4. 250 – Box Jumps
    5. 300 – LBCs
  3. Team member returns from the assent, switch and pick up the count.

I have an official request to rinse and repeat when all the pax are back.  So fill those AO slots or I will!

Brave Pax in attendance:  Thor, Lancelot, BigMac, Chilipepper.


No major announcements.  Prayers for our country, first responders, military and for all the PAX that were in the fart-sack.