Time to Release the Kraken

Weather: Gloomy and 75 degrees

Another glorious week has begun and 8 HIM rose up to start their week off with a physical challenge, prepping their bodies to take on any challenges that come during the day. 2 HIM took an early gloom pre-run of about 3.2 miles and then it was bootcamp time.

Disclaimer was shared and off we went for an extended mosey around the parking lot, lake and back, with some carioca x2, high knees, butt kickers and Toy Soldiers thrown in for some fun.

COP included the following:

  • SSH x20IC
  • Imperial Walkers x10IC
  • Hillbilly Walkers x10IC
  • Strawberry Pickers x10IC
  • Windmills x10IC
  • LBCs x10IC
  • Flutter Kicks x15 IC

The Pax then took to the rink for the Thang.  First up was 3 round of 7 across the rink. The pairings of exercises included:

  • Merkins/Squats
  • CDD/Flutter Kicks
  • LBCs and Reverse Freddie Mercury

First up at center ice was a round of Banjo Bearcrawl.  Our brother Banjo missed this the last two times we did it, so it was a natural.  Circle up with feet together in the middle.  Plank outwards and then 3 merkins before you crawl around the circle.  Each Pax member does 3 merkins while they pass by.

We then recovered and stayed at center rink for the THANG THANG..it was time to unleash the Kraken Burpee on this unknowing group of HIM!!  The Kraken Burpee includes 3 hand release merkins in the down part of the burpee.  In order to attempt to tame the Kraken, we had to do 3x Kraken Burpees at center ice, run to each face-off circle and do 3x Kraken Burpees and then return to center ice to rinse/repeat for all 4 face-off circles. For those counting, that’s 24 Kraken Burpees in total.  The Pax pushed themselves and succeeded, but may not be able to lift their arms through-out the day.  Just for fun, we did two other rounds of starfish including 10 Box Cutters Center Rink and 20 Moroccan Night Clubs in the other face-off circles with NUR as the transportation.  Last round was Carolina Dry Docks at center ice and Reverse Freddie Mercuries in the face-0ff circles, with a little bit of bear crawl out and run back in.

With only 4 minutes remaining, we headed off for an easy mosey back around the pavilion and parking lot, ending at COT at exactly 6am!


  • Expect to see a newsletter this week, with the latest Fartsack corner!
  • Care2Tri 5k in November
  • Skeet shooting fundraiser in November
  • Family picnic on 10/20 – Location being finalized.
  • Superbowl Sunday Triatholon


  • YHC’s friend Brian who is in the hospital
  • Injured Pax
  • Hollywood’s wrist – for confirmed healing so he can get back to normal activities

Always an honor and pleasure to lead this group of men.  Thank you all for following me on this beatdown and helping tame the Kraken!

-Bing out!