The Tower Oh Brutal Tower


Humidity-Very present


PIA-21 w/ 2 DR

5:15am-5 core principals, disclaimer

Mozy-Big Sexy (Pickle Pointers, Monkey Humpers, Pickle Pounders)

COP-Arm Circles, Agitators, Good Mornings (10), Strawberry Pickers (IK)

The Thang-11’s (bottom of The Tower 10 Carolina Dry Docks, Jailbreak to top, 1 Merkin, back down for 9 CDD, up for 2 Merkins, on and on to finish w/ 1 CDD  at bottom and 10 Merkins at top) **QIC had dreams of advancing up The Tower levels and playing 7’s too but we took the whole 45 mins!


Announcements-Tuesday July 2nd Twin Lakes AO is done! New home…NBP/The Tower!, Walk to end Alzheimers Nov 16th, Trumps homie is moving here this weekend from MA and is going to be posting and needs help moving in on sunday.

Prayer Requests-Coop needs prayers for his upcoming surgery on his neck (God please be in that operating room and help keep his dr’s hands steady and true), Papa Smurf’s M is traveling for business (Father please be with her as she travels and if you see fit bring her business much succes), Rowdy will take all available prayer for his upcoming mission trip, all traveling pax, all injured pax, all military and 1st responders with an extra eye on Sniper, Zeus n Hercules.