Wilt and Hindenburg

Weather Summary: Humid  Temperature: 82° (28C) Humidity: 80%

QIC: Bing

Pax: Bing, Pincher, LG, Dirt Dart, Ozzy, Bird Hole, Smudge, Peach Fuzz, Prime Time, Uptown Girl

Another beautiful sunrise in SW Florida, a rare site, but a norm in St. Petersburg.  Pincher, LG and YHC arrived via clown car and were greeted by some eager pax.  It was going to be a good but sweaty gloom.  It was also great to welcome Bird Hole, a recently relocated Pax from Charlotte and Uptown Girl, a fellow Mustard Seed Nantan from F3 Lehigh Valley.

Disclaimer was shared along with a review of the 5 core principles, and off we went for a mosey including butt kickers, NUR and carioca x2.

We then entered the tennis courts to take up refuge for the remainder of the beatdown.  COP included:

  • SSH x25 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x10 IC
  • Peter Parkers x10 IC
  • LBCs x10 IC
  • Wheezy Jeffersons x10 IC
  • Strawberry Pickers x10 IC

It was time for the Thang.  After the subtle request from Pincher for no arms and chests while arranging clown car details, it was time to honor Wilt Chamberlain and his 100 point game. Having to use some creativity as a basketball court was not available, we lined up on the end of one tennis court and ran about 100 yards to the end of another.  At each of the court we did the following:

  • 100 LBCs
  • 100 Lunges
  • 100 Flutter Kicks
  • 100 Salsa Dips (Squats)

The pax was good and warmed up so it was time for the next level thang.  It was time for some Hindenburg BLIMPS.  The pax would do a set number of exercises on EACH corner of the tennis court (4x), running between each corner.  The exercises and quantities were as follows:

  • 10 Burpees (40 total)
  • 20 Lunges (80 total)
  • 30 Imperial Walkers (Counting one leg)
  • 40 Merkins (16o total)
  • 20 Plank Jacks (80 total)
  • 3 mins of Salsa Dips

Due to time constraints, we modified the count on the plank jacks and rounded out the hour with Salsa Dips/Squats.  The pax put in an amazing effort and surely got stronger through-out the hour, even with some of the LBMs that were witnessed (little baby merkins – Great line Bird Hole).


  1. Pax was encouraged to join the Mumble Chatter Page on Facebook and the GroupMe F3 Suncoast Channels in order to stay in touch with all of the F3 Suncoast pax
  2. Ronald McDonald house serving in St. Pete sometime in September – stay tuned
  3. Anyone has tools they aren’t using, be sure to bring them to a future AO to donate to Rowdy and Crisis Response International


  1. Prayers for Rowdy as he heads off on his mission trip
  2. Prayers for injured pax
  3. Prayers for traveling pax
  4. Give thanks for the changes F3 has made in the lives of many men and their families in SW Florida

YC encouraged the pax to continue disrupting the status quo and to push those around them to do the same.  Give away this gift of F3 to men we know need it.

Always honored and humbled to lead this great group of men.

~Bing Out