The Paper Boy has arrived

Weather: 70s but at 18+ MPH, it felt cool.

QIC: Bing

Pax: Sniper, Pincher, Ripken, Bing, Dogo (FNG), Brutus, Trump, Cottontail

The pax assembled at Wawa and welcomed Chris Locke, now known as Dogo.  Not that he’s as fierce as one, but Sniper suggested this when learning about his mascot being a bulldog.

Brutus with his newspaper secured tightly, the pax headed off down Lorraine to Fruitville, circled back a few times, went fast, went less fast, and then went fast again.  YHC got caught up picking up the six one too many times and quickly became the six when Brutus and Trump headed back to Wawa a bit earlier.  Tclaps to Ripken for circling back to get me and to drag YHC back to Wawa, just before the lightning and rain came.

The Cycling AO is starting to grow in numbers, and it was especially fun to have an FNG with us this morning.  Great job on the EH’ing Pincher.


  • Kudos to a great night at the Ronald McDonald House
  • July 4th – 1776 Patriot Games – mark your calendar.


  • Didn’t really offer any up, but we know the usual ones, and we all have the need.

Great job men!

~Bing Out