The First Thanksgiving

In 1619 just outside of Jamestown, the Pilgrims communed with the local natives and committed to celebrate this day of thanks on the same day henceforth.  Shamwow faintly remembered that very day!

The beatdown today was to celebrate this day of unity by sharing many 16’s and 19’s with the Pax. During the mozy, the 13 Pax were quizzed on the year of this momentous occasion.  Until they guessed correctly, they dropped and gave a burpee. Wilson gave the most wrong guesses, and we all paid dearly in burpees.

During the COP, SSH, crab kicks, Imperial Walkers, and push jacks were dealt.  The Thang required a jaunt to the basketball courts.  Olympus had a spring in his step until his calf said “Yowsers.”

In college in his BC (before Christian) days, Ripken was known to listen to such greats as Suicidal Tendencies which made for a nice metal backdrop to the newest exercise to hit the F3 lexicon…Supercides.  Suicidal Tendencies seemed appropriate for the beatdown to come.  While they made many albums, they only had 4 good songs to which Sniper replied, “Those were their good songs? Glad we didn’t hear the bad ones!”

A Supercide is a suicide, but done using 8 lines on 2 basketball courts.  In addition to running the lines, exercises are done at each line.

4 Supercides were done…

#1 – 2 burpees, 2 reverse crunches on the first (16 exercises), followed by 19 LBCs

#2 – 2 merkins, 2 crab kicks, followed by 19 wide merkins

#3 – 2 hand release merkins, L/R side kickouts followed by 19 big boy setups.

#4 – 2 imperial walkers, 2 jump squats, followed by 19 freddie mercuries

As a finisher, the Pax did 5 sets of 10 merkins followed by a sprint to end of the court and back. With 3 minutes to go, we did walking planks and walking bridges until Manziel yelled “Mommy.”

One FNG posted, Olympus’ brother in law in town for a couple weeks from Hungary.  F3 named Hummus as that is the best selling dish in his restaurant back home.  Lots of praises and thanks for all we have.  Prayers for first responders and military, Chili to find a bigger and better job, and all those traveling to be safe.

Happy 399th Thanksgiving this year!  Thankful for the men that F3 has made all of us.