Rottoner to the Core

Weather: 67, mostly cloudy with some humidity

We had a dozen pax start off Thanksgiving Week with a beatdown at Adventure Park. Unfortunately, your Q is totally uncreative (which is probably a good quality for a tax lawyer) and couldn’t come up with a Thanksgiving theme for it, but we got on with it anyway.

After the core principles and disclaimer, the mozi was standard with some butt kickers, high knees, nur and carioca x2. The best thing anyone can say about that is, no one got hurt. We then headed to the echo chamber for a brief COP that featured side straddle hops, imperial walkers, strawberry pickers and windmills. There was no time to waste because the Manziel Board of Pain was there to make a triumphant return.

As is the custom whenever YHC breaks out what used to be the side of a TV box, a group of exercises was written down in groups of 2, with the objective being to do the first 2, run some, then do the first group of 2 again followed by the second group of 2, run some more, and so on. However, the twist this time was that after every other set, instead of running a lap of the parking lot, the pax were instructed to run a suicide of the rink. As with the last time, this was heavy on core exercises. Here’s how the Board of Pain played out:

  • 25x Squats
  • 20x Shoulder Taps


  • 25x Carolina Drydocks
  • 20x American Hammers


  • 25x Plank Jacks
  • 20x Freddie Mercury


  • 25x LBCs
  • 20x Moroccan Nightclubs


  • 25x Mountain Climbers
  • 20x Monkey Humpers


  • 25x Peter Parker
  • 20x Flutter Kicks


For those of you who missed it, don’t worry because Big Mac insisted on getting a picture of the board before we left. Although his version will likely have the Monkey Humpers much higher up on the list.

With time left and Banjo in attendance, the next logical thing to do was the Banjo Bearcrawl. It didn’t seem so logical at the end with 12 guys there, but that’s what we did anyway.

A few minutes remained for a Round of Mary that included box cutters, Homer to Marge, Hello Dollys and Burpees (fault there lying with YHC for a blown assignment and losing track of Chili’s position in the circle).


  • Homeless outreach on Dec. 11, being led by Ripken – fundraising is almost all of the way there, so please make a contribution if you haven’t
  • Probably no official beatdown on Thanksgiving Day
  • Rowdy volunteered to Q Friday’s beatdown at NBP, which will start at 5.15 as usual. Apparently lawyers are the only ones around here who don’t work on the day after Thanksgiving.
  • December Q schedule to be posted soon by Clean

Prayers and praise reports were offered by Sniper, Mr. Clean and Chili (sorry if I left someone out) and we were on our way.