Silva “25”

Beautiful morning to get it on … As we started to arrive the cars just seemed to just keep coming… Is this possible , did we just set a new record … #16strong!!!

After 2 laps of a simple mosey, the group enjoyed an up and back of high knees, butt kickers, NUR, Karaoke (x2) and Skipping.

Then we circled up (and what a circle it was) for the following warmups:

1 .Side Straddle Hops (25)

2. Strawberry Pickers (25)

3. Hillbilly Walkers (25)

4. Bad Back Stretches


We grabbed our waters and headed to the basketball courts for the THANG

Since today was the 25th of the month… we did 25 reps of each exercise

The 25th also represents the Silver anniversary and in honor of Mr. Clean’s 25th Birthday .. we call this the “SILVA 25”

Exercises and MOT’s “Modes Of Transportation” are as follows:

Squats (25) —- NUR

Imperial walkers (25) —- Lunge

LBFC’s (25) —- Bear Crawl

Vegas Night Clubs (25) —- Skip

American Hammers (25) — Sprint to Beginning

Plank till the ‘6’ gets home

Rinse and Repeat 5 times

We were given 5 exercises x25 reps x 5 sets = F3 BEATDOWN

Prayer Praises for Drakes son’s awesome news… Prayer request for Rock, Backdraft’s girlfriends mom and Ripkin’s dad