Gobbler Challenge – University Corner @ 5:15 on 11/25/2021

Gobbler Challenge CSAUP event Thursday Nov 25th 5:15 University Corner.  We will raid the Dunkin post beatdown. Bring canned foods to go to local area food pantries.  For every item donated I and Stagecoach will do a burpee (I’m inviting the SLT to do so also).  Lets make an impact men!  Earn that stuffing! 

Heading for the hills

Pax: Lancelot, Bing, Pincher, Ripken, Brutus, Crabcakes, Yamaha, Clutch, Pudge, Sniper Weather was cool feeling with no humidity…and Ripken declared it’s the first Tuesday of the month and that means hill repeats. In typical Florida fashion, we headed for the I-75 overpass for some hill repeats. Hey, we take what we can get! All told, …

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Howling at the moon

Monday at Adventure Park was all darkness, humidity and mosquitoes. Although we did have the Beastie Boys too. In contrast, conditions were perfect on Tuesday at Nathan Benderson: there was a full moon, a breeze, and almost no humidity. We even had a Wolverine to howl at the full moon. We started with the 5 …

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Top To Bottom Four Corners with The Beastie Boys Essentials

QIC- Crabcakes Weather- 76 and not too humid Pax- Sully, Lobstah, Trump, Lancelot, Chilipepper, Goob, Ripken, Pudge,, Posh, Crabcakes, StageCoach 0515- Crabcakes reviewed the five core principles and advised the PAX to grab their waters because we weren’t coming back to this area.  The workout started with a mozy around the parking lot down the …

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IronPax Week 0

Q: Chilipepper 16 PAX in attendance.  Bing, Manziel, RedCard, Samurai, BP20,  Woodford, Bladerunner, Roudy, Pincher, Wolverine , Lobstaah, Olympus, Tugboat, Sir  Wallace.     5 core principals were announced and IronPax was explained.  Proceeded to a Mozy with ButtKickees, nur, high knees.  We followed that with SSH, Strawberry Pickers, Michael Phelps. The Thang 4 Rounds …

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Love God, Love People…. and love yourself, kinda

QIC- Goob Weather- very breezy and actually kind of nice Pax- Snapshot, Steel, Wolverine, Kotter, Stagecoach, Pin Cushion, BP20, Red Card, Goob At precisely 5:15:00 while the Pax were trying to figure out who was on Q, Goob barked out the 5 core principles and pled with the men to follow his lead for a …

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Solo Ladder

Weather Hot and Humid (Just like every other day in Florida during the summer) QIC – Mr Clean Pax in Attendance:  Mr Clean Mosy – None – Just started The THANG – I borrowed Sniper’s ladder exercise but if I have known it was going to be just me I would have been a lot nicer …

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Eat S**t!

Date: 8/24/2020 Weather: 78 degrees, 3000% humidity QIC: Manziel Pax: Cavalino, Chili Pepper, Crabcakes, Goob, Lancelot, Lobstaah, Manziel, Pincher, Posh, Pudge, Stagecoach Got your attention? YHC arrived at AP, went to the echo chamber set up and reported to the pavilion a few minutes before 5.15. Even then it became clear that the pax were …

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