Howling at the moon

Monday at Adventure Park was all darkness, humidity and mosquitoes. Although we did have the Beastie Boys too.

In contrast, conditions were perfect on Tuesday at Nathan Benderson: there was a full moon, a breeze, and almost no humidity. We even had a Wolverine to howl at the full moon.

We started with the 5 core principles and then did a mosey around the tower. We warmed up with side-straddle hops and strawberry pickers in cadence, plus some merkins, LBCs and leg-raises.

We mostly spent the workout going up and down the tower.

At each level of the tower we did 3 rounds of 3:

  • On the way up: 3 merkins, then standing for 3 uppercuts. Repeat 3x.
  • On the way down: 3 leg raises and 3 rope skips.
  • On the way up: 3 Carolina dry docks and 3 step-in-punches.
  • On the way down: 3 mountain climbers and 3 bob-and-weaves.

Goob left half way through to run with his sun. The rest of the PAX finished by climbing the tower one last time with 3 surfees at each level.

Wolverine shared how grateful he was for being pushed physically by F3, especially by IronPax. We prayed for F3 families, including Bing and Ripken.