Top To Bottom Four Corners with The Beastie Boys Essentials

QIC- Crabcakes

Weather- 76 and not too humid

Pax- Sully, Lobstah, Trump, Lancelot, Chilipepper, Goob, Ripken, Pudge,, Posh, Crabcakes, StageCoach

0515- Crabcakes reviewed the five core principles and advised the PAX to grab their waters because we weren’t coming back to this area.  The workout started with a mozy around the parking lot down the path to the basketball courts. The Mozy included, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Nur, and Cariocha X2.

Upon arrival to the basketball courts the PAX circled up and were lead by Lancelot, while CrabCakes illuminated the 4 corners, for

15 SSH’s in cadence

15 Strawberry Pickers in cadence

15 Michael Phelps OYO

20 Agitators OYO

The Thang:

PAX were to complete the predetermined exercise and count at each of the 4 corners of the Basketball court prior to moving onto the next exercise.  Mode of transportation for the long sides of the court was Jog while the mode of transportation for the baseline side of the court was Toy Soldiers.

1.) Merkins    20

2.) LBC’s        25

3.) Squats      25

4.) Carolina Dry Docks    25

5.) Leg Lifts    25

6.) Monkey Humpers 25—–accompanied by Brass Monkey

7.) Diamond Merkins   10

8.) BBSU’s   20

9.) Calf Raises  25

10.) Moroccan Nightclubs  20

11.) Burpees  10

Bonus Rounds

12.) Flutterkicks  25

13.) Lunges  20

14.) Tricep Dips 20

15.) American Hammers  20(count 1 side)

The majority of the PAX made it through the first 11 Rounds of the beatdown and were glad to see that 0600 had arrived…..I’m not sure the Beatdown bothered them but they sure complained about the mosquitoes.  Interesting note, the QIC never was bitten by a mosquito.


Wednesday Beatdowns will be at the east side of the Publix parking lot at the corner of Lorraine and University

Potential Family F3 Family Beach day on Sunday, September 12th.  More details to come


Prayers for Ripken’s M,Lori, and her Dr. Appt tomorrow morning.

Prayers for ChiliPeppers friends in GA, recovering from a virus

Prayers fro Lobstah grandmother who is still recovering from COVID

First Responders, Military, Police

Prayers for our country and all of the cities being impacted by protests.

Thanks for attending,