The Pace Makers


Q: Lancelot

Pax: BP20, Crabcakes, Capt. Ron, Top Secret, Lancelot, Stagecoach, Big Mac, Pudge, Cavillino, Ferrari, Chillipepper,

Cornhole, Bing, Pincher, Mugsy, Sniper, Gator, Denali, Goob, Wolverine, Left Turn, Barron, Trump, Feathers (F3 Alpha)




“On your Mark…”

Agitators  *    Michael Phelps  *  Windmills  *   Leg Stretches  *  Motivators from 6


“Get set

 3/4  Mile run on the campus Track



Perform exercise at each of the 3 station (100 ft apart), then run back on the loop (500 ft). Move to next exercise

10 Burpees   

20 Lunges

30 Imperial Walker

40 Merkins

50 Plank Jacks

60 Squats

Cool Down

 3/4  Mile run on the campus track back to the Parking Lot


Circle of Trust  COT  

Welcome FNG Greg, “Left Turn”

Announcements:      Sniper’s Swat Team Challenge   *   Ft Hammer tomorrow, Next Stop on the Big Guava Tour  *  Sasquatch Ruck CSAUP July 19th 6am

Praises to LG & Messi, for T Claps from F3 Nation

Prayers to Ben, Goob’s Friend, Passport, all Pax who arn’t able to post, keeping them safe, All Military, First responders, Medical Specialist, Farmers, Law Enforcement, and Especially our Great Nation.  God Bless America!


“Courage then, my Countrymen, our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether they’ll shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil or religious liberty”


its was a good run boys…. Always, Honored and Blessed   – Lancelot