Facing the GIANTS


Temperature 76,  humidity 97%, can’t complain much as it seems to have been much hotter lately than today was.

The Mozi 

We jogged around the AP parking lot did butt kickers, high knees, and kerioke.

The Warm Up

SSH, Strawberry Pickers,  Windmills (papa smurf style).

The Message

Inspired by the movie “Facing the Giants” a story of a coach and his football team struggling for the last few seasons with a losing record. The coach is reminded of the path he should be on, so at the next practice he asks his team, “What do you think about this weekends game?”. The overwhelming response from the players is we will loose. He then pulls out his star player and says, “How fair can you death craw?” (Bear craw with someone on your back). The player says, ” 30 yards”, coach responds, “How about 50 yards, but you have to do it blind folded and you have to give me your very BEST” The player agrees and the death craw begins, with the blind fold on and the coach beside him, encouraging him every inch, the player pasts the 30, then the 50, and makes it all the way to the end zone for a full 100 yards before he gave out and removed the blindfold.

The point is we limit ourselves with how we think, we are so much more capable of doing more when we believe in ourselves and nothing is impossible with the Sky Q beside us. We all have our Giants to face but we can defat them if we do our best together.

The Thang Part 1

You might have guessed it by now. We start off with a bear craw from the shells to the fence and possible back as goal, if you had to pause or a knee touched you moved to the baseball courts and stayed busy until the last Pax gave out on their bear craw. Each Pax facing their own giants to get as far as they could. We bring in Scrum who makes it the full length btw, well done Scrum!

The Thang Part 2

The shell trail from AP to Lorraine had some designated markers posted by YHC prior to the start of the beat down. This was a total of a 2 mile stretch out and back. Consisting of 4 spread out points with an exercise  assigned for the out and a different exercise assigned for the way in. There was no number assigned to the excersises it was a challenged to the pack to do their best form as possible and continue until failure, then run to the next point.

Point 1: American Hammers, 1/4 mile run

Point 2: Leg lifts, 1/2 mile run

Point 3: Plank, 1/4 mile run

Point 4: Merkins

Exercises on the way back consisted of Scissors, Salsa Dips, Big Boys Situps, and Dry Docks. and the same distance run in-between of course. Once completed we would pick up the six and bring him in for a glorious victory finish together. Each point had another part of a story to tell from the movie written down next to the exercise listed.

Story:  There were 2 Farmers who desperately need rain so they prayed, 1 farmer waited for the rain, the other farmer prepared for the rain, the farmer that prepared was the one to receive the rain. Which kind of HIM are we going to be?



For Aquaman and his M as she is scheduled for a C-section.

Safe travel for ShamWow and everyone traveling.

Cottontail as he has a Triathlon next weekend

Pincher OUT