DTSP- The Scavenger Hunt

7:00am – A cool 82F  with a East coast Sun rise on the West Coast of Florida

– Welcome to F3.  Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.

– Are there any FNG’s?


– This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout. I am not a professional. I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. 

– It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to. 

Five Principles.  F3 workouts:

– Are free of charge

– Are open to all men

– Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold

– Are led by volunteer men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification

– End with a Circle of Trust

Mozey- 15 minutes

Grabbed the Flag and headed to North of the Park

-High Knees, but kickers, karaoke to the water, to the park

-Circle up: SSH, Strawberry Pickers, Wind Mills , Merkins, Hello Dollys, LBCs, Stretch Leg left, right, middle

-Run back to Parking lot: backwards, side shuffle to the water, to the street

The Thang-40 Minutes

Form x 4teams (4).   8 stations spread through NorthShore Park.  Have a map for each team.

– Team runs to any station.  Marked with orange cone.  Each station has 2 exercises that you will repeat 3 times.  All team members do all exercises.  Teams have to stay together.

– Full counts on all exercises . American Hammer – both sides, Mountain Climber, Lunges – both legs are one count.

– At each station, get a mini domino .  Keep them with you (here is a bag).  Get one point for each domino.  If you get all 8 domino, you get 4 extra points.

– Can’t just repeat the same station over and over, but don’t have to do all 8.  If your team does finish all 8 and have time, can keep going.

– Come back to the Parking Lot at 7:55am (in 40 minutes).  Lose 1 point for each 1 minute past 7:55am.  Whichever team has the most points wins.

Station 1:  x20 American Hammer, x20 SSH.  repeat 3x 

Station 2:  x20 LBC, x20 Lunges.  repeat 3x

Station 3:  x20 Merkins, x20 Peter Parker.  repeat 3x

Station 4:  x10 Pull ups. x10 Burpees , repeat 3x

Station 5:  x20 Freddy Mercurys, 20x calf raises, repeat 3x

Station 6: x20 Hello Dolly, x20 Squats.  repeat 3x

Station 7: x20- Chest press machine, 20x leg press machine, repeat 3x

Station 8: x20 Shoulder taps, x20 Mountain climbers.  3 rotations.



– Count off

– Name o rama (Video tape with phone)

– Prayer requests / Praises: Step mother with Cancer

– Announcements: Ronald McDonald House in September

– Close / Prayer:


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  1. And so it begins! Excited to have F3 in DTSP and PAX in the same building! Sherpa

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