F3 Lutz visits F3 Suncoast

The Pax of F3 Lutz and F3 Suncoast

Quick Intro/Disclaimer/Five Core Principles:

-Open to all Men
-Held outdoors rain/shine, heat/cold
-Led in Rotating fashion with no certification or training necessary -Always ends with COT
Mosey and then Warm-up (All IC):
-Imperial Walker x 20
-Squats x 10
-Frankensteins x 10
-Windmills x 10
-Merkins x 10
-Mountain Climbers x 10
-Burpees x 10
Two Line Indian Run………
Then stay in those two lines and get face to face with other line pretty tight beside each other but NOT shoulder to shoulder, yet!
-Alternating Bro Taps (IC x 20)
Now, recover for quick 10 count and tighten up lines so side by side/shoulder to shoulder for a little…..
*“Grits” Tunnel of Love* (named “Grits” after the man that EH’d No-See-Um as well as presented him with an F3 Tampa flag at his going away party when leaving Atlanta)…….the Tunnel of Love was a Grits favorite!
*Circle Burp* for 2 rounds!!
Haka takes over for his portion of beatdown and doesn’t disappoint.  The guy has been known to push the Lutz Crew to their limits and get the most out of each and every pax!!
*21’s* (SSH) with penalties for screw ups:
1st – 10 Burpees
2nd – 50 Squats
3rd – 50 Split Jacks ?
4th – 50 Squats ?
5th – 10 Burpees
YHC believes that there would have been penalties no matter what…..b/c that is how Haka rolls.  Nonetheless, there were several infractions starting with the very first attempt when some unknown F3 Suncoast Pax tried to count beyond the 5th rep…….:man-facepalming:
*Prison Burps*
10 then run 30 ish yards
9 then run back….all the way down to 1

No-Ski’s turn at delivering some pain now to the Pax and he brought it for sure.

*Growling Mucho Chesto* (regular, wide, diamonds, right, left)
*Bear Crawl Around the World* (forward, side, backward, side, forward)
MARY time:
– Plank (each pax count to x10, clockwise about 3-5 minutes in total)
– Bruce Lee OYO (x20 Flutters per leg, x20 Leg Raises, x20 American Hammers per side, x20 Dying Cockroach per leg, x20 Freddy Mercs per leg, x20 LBC’s)
– Sweat Angels x10 IC
– Box Cutters x10 IC
– Nolan Ryans x10 IC
– Bobby Hurley’s x15 OYO
  • Amazing showing by both the Pax of F3 Lutz as well as F3 Suncoast for the first ever Convergence between the two!
  • Prayers lifted up for many dealing with home life issues, cancer, health related issues.
  • Praise for the Suncoast pax in raising funds for a F3 Suncoast brother in need
  • Prayers for Jake as he goes through eating therapy and soon to be talking
  • Prayers for injured pax such as Six Pack and Banjo


  • 3 more beatdowns to bring in schools supplies (ends Wednesday)
  • Mud Titan and Ft Hamer Bridge run on 8/25
  • Siesta Key – Red Tide Tri – 9/21
  • Ruck events mentioned by No-Ski (September and November I believe)
  • Shirt order open for 7 more days – 20 currently ordered
  • Watch your newsletter for volunteer first responder needs
  • Live Gym night coming soon – See Backdraft

A great crew enjoyed some 2nd F at Wawa afterwards.


*From the F3 Lutz Men:
-So thankful for F3 Suncoast to allow us to come and guest Q and we all had a great time and what an awesome group of men at F3 Suncoast.  Bing is a wonderful leader to get F3 Suncoast off the ground and with every pax’s help, you all have grown into an amazing region………and we here in Lutz can’t wait to join you all in Region status as we continue to grow.
-Please join us for a beatdown soon in Lutz and we welcome anyone anytime!!!