Sand Bags and Sniperhill Combine

Wow!  81 degrees, 84% humidity and weatherbug said “it feels like 89.” Old Glory was resting on top of the Finnish tower not moving an inch. Sooo, as the Q I guess I am mumble chattering (complaining) about how unfriendly the conditions were today.

No FNGs so we avoided the Finnish tower.  However we still went through the core principals and disclaimers.

Mozi time fired up with 2 laps and the usual stuff. kerioke, Nur, high knees and butt kickers.

The Warmup

Imperial Walkers, huggers,strawberry pickers, imperial Walkers and BBS.

The Thing

Time for the Dora where we team up w a partner and knock out the following work outs.

While  your partner runs up Sniper hill with a 40lb sandbag and does 10 air squats at the top and then heads back down to pass the sand bag back to partner…… The other partner is shredding the following workouts until completed.

100 Burpees

200 LBCs

200 Merkins and Gerks

200 Monkey Humpers

With 2 minutes to spare we did a mini me version of ROM and  the went right into the cot.


Please bring school supplies to The Saturday F3 beatdown at Adventure Park. Remember there is no F3 at Celery Fields on 8/11.

Let’s try and organize the “2nd F” for having some wine at Tex’s new Wine Bar downtown.

Limelight’s knee surgery and Pax injury’s