Escalator on Greenbrook Blvd

Weather: a slight chill in the ai…okay it’s gone. Time to start

Pax: Mr Clean, Lancelot, Ferrari, Shotgun, Capt Ron, Bing, Pincher, Cavallino, Crabcakes, Olympus, Top Secret, Goob, Brutus, Pudge

After a 2 lap Mozi with Carioca x2, Butt Kickers, High knees, Nur and side shuffle x2 it was time for COP – Circle of Pain…or today it was COS, circle of Slack!

  • Side Straddle Hop x20IC
  • LBCs x10IC
  • American Hammer x10IC
  • dying Cockroach x10IC
  • flutter Kicks x10IC
  • Plank Series
  • Mountain climbers x10IC

The Thang – feeling nostalgic, it was time to head out to Greenbrook Blvd. there are 6 intersections between Nolan and Route 70. At each intersection we would do the following:

  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • LBCs
  • Monkey Humpers

Starting with 5 and escalating by 5 at every stop. Plank for the 6 at 70. The return trip took us back down the escalator. We ended up at 35 reps before heading back down. Total miles were 2.3 miles.


  • The COP was intentionally SLACK to draw awareness of our move from Groupme to Slack. Get on slack people
  • Q schedule is changing slightly. A video has been posted to show changes. Great stuff coming
  • 10 year anniversary sign up. Discount code is available thru 7/31. Don’t miss out


  • Injured pax including Stagecoach
  • Our country
  • First responders and those protecting the country

Always an honor to lead this great group of men.

~Bing out