Drake’s Dastardly Deeds

Conditions: 64 and clear

2 FNGs welcome Chef and Pusher!  Core principles and disclaimer shared.



We departed from the pavilion and headed towards the dog bridge. High knees and butt-kickers added for seasoning.


Circledup across from the dog run and commenced with:

25 4 count SSH

10 2 count squats

30 Moroccan Nightclubs

20 4-count mountain climbers

Hold plank with 6-inchers to illicit mumble chatter

Mozi back to pavilion and form groups of 3 pax

The Thang

A plethora of coupons awaited the pax and numerous stations were established.  Each member of the team completed each exercise at the station.  Team ran as a threesome .2 mile then rotate to new station  stations were as follows:

60 battlerope/American Hammers/Plank

Rollout wheel/Wall ball/SSH

100/150 Jumprope

Great Balls o Fire 100

10 single arm curls each arm/10 shoulder press each arm

TRX Tricep Extension 20/Bench step ups/Shoulder Taps

Bear Crawl/ 5 Burpees, repeat cycle 2X

Slam Ball 20 reps

Around The Worlds 20 reps with 45/35/25 lb plate


Healing prayer for Yamaha’s pinched nerve

Prayers for Chili Peppers daughter post MVA

Prayers for 8-Ball’s blood work

Prayers for PAX participating in tomorrow’s Skyway 10K Bridge Run

Bing shared some meaningful dialogue regarding DRP (daily red pill) and the value of consistently pursuing forward motion as a HIM

March Madness weight loss challenge was mentioned

A great Saturday beatdown with two dozen HIM in attendance!  2nd F was held at Wawa’s for those who enjoy coffee with their sweat.

Drake out.


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