Record 23 Pax for a weekday!!!

Conditions  64, clear and dark.

No FNGs, Chore principals and disclaimers declared!


We did the circle lap withe the usual mozi stuff… Nur, buttkickers,high knees, skips and keriokes.

Warm up

Ssh, Strawberry pickers,swimmers,arm circles,merkins, mountain climbers and bad back stretches.

The Thang

We did 10 exercises, the board looked easy enough… but easy was not to be.  Each exercise required 20 reps and then a short run under the tower where the pax member either did 10 calve raises or 10 triceps dips.(rotating) When the (non-FARTSACKER) returned to the list they had to repeat the prior exercise/s before doing the next.

1. SSH                                               200 total

2. Overhead claps                          180 total

3. Air squats                                   160 total

4. LBCs                                           140 total

5. Carolina Dry Docks                120 total

6. Lunges                                       100 total

7. American Hammers                80 total

8. Merkins                                     60 total

9. Mountain Climbers                40 total

10. Only 10 Burpees                   10 total


March 30! Don’t miss 2 year anniversary of F3 Suncoast beatdown!!!!

Gridlock “March Madness” weight loss competition $20 Closes April 1.

Gator Wilderness Run 4/27

Rowdy’s JUVE Fostering leadership.

3 Ragnar team has a few spots left.

Defibs 4 year old is better (praise) Amen

Pinchers time in race versus someone else…….

Splicer’s oldest sister having a baby.

JimmyDeans niece Katy

WOW!!!!! What a morning… 23 pax for a weekday is a record for our Suncoast.  Let’s keep EHing!  There are soo many more sad clowns in the Gloom that need F3.

JD out.